Tentsile Stingray- This 3 Person Hanging Tent Lets You Camp In The Air

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If you have gone camping previously, you must be aware of the frustration and annoyance of setting up a camping tent, only to have it fall apart shortly after. Now, if you aren’t an avid camper, the idea of hanging tents may seem too absurd to you. However, ask any experienced camper and he/she will tell you the perks of sleeping in a hanging tent.

Sleeping off the ground is a unique idea. Bringing an entirely new perspective to outdoor camping. Contrary to ground tents, hanging tents gives you the best view and experience from up top. And while the idea of sleeping in hanging tents may seem intimidating. Hence, these tents truly redefine outdoor camping.

If you are a treehouse fan, you would definitely love the feeling of sleeping outdoors in a tent hanging above the ground between trees. Imagine, going around in a thick forest looking for the right place to sleep. Well, with hanging tents you need not worry about the ground clearance. Just pick up the spot you wish to camp, and you are good to set up the camp. And since you will be laying above the ground, you won’t need to worry about the dangers of laying on the ground at night.

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Hanging tents are lightweight and easy to carry, so you don’t have to worry about lifting heavy backpacks. These tents offer an entire experience of camping outdoor with family or friends. And well, with hanging tents, you don’t have to walk into the forest to experience a new perspective. Moreover, these can be used with equal efficiency in the backyard just like in the middle of nowhere.

There are various types of hanging tents available in the market. This Unique tensile tent is just one of the very best.

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Tensile Stingray – A robust 3-person hanging tent you can trust!

For many, the idea of sleeping handing over the ground may be intimidating. The weight capacity of hanging tents is the primary concern for most users.

The Tensile Stingray has been repeatedly referred to as the best hanging tents. The tent comes with a massive weight capacity of 880 pounds and can accommodate up to 3 persons easily. It’s unique design making it easier for campers to set it up in no time. The total sleeping area of the Tensile Stingray hanging tent is up to 75 square feet. Making it one of the toughest hanging tents available on market.

To further add to its credit, the tent comes in a pack that just weighs about 20 pounds. This means that you won’t have to worry about carrying additional burden moving from site to site during an outdoor adventure.

To add to the strength of the tensile stingray, the tent comes with three robust ratchet straps, offering maximum stability. The industrial-grade webbing further provides a stable and strong base for campers to feel safe and secure while hanging above the ground. To offer a better camping experience, the rainfly is waterproof and UV resistant. And if that’s not all, you can remove the rainfly to immerse into the beauty of night skies and thousand stars. To ensure a peaceful all-night sleep, the tensile stingray tent comes with seam-to-seam protection so you are not bothered by bugs, rain, or winds.

According to expert campers, the tensile stingray is a reliable, robust, and easy setup tent that’s worth its relatively high cost. The high-quality materials used in the manufacturing of the tent, coupled with various safety features only add to the utility of the tent.



Well, with the level of comfort, and stability offered by tensile stingray, it’s time for you to perhaps explore the outdoors. As for the pricing, the tensile stingray costs relatively higher as compared to the other tents. However, given the quality manufacturing, and additional features, it’s definitely worth its price.

Ready for your first treehouse experience out in the wild? Get your tensile stingray 3-person portable treehouse camping and backpacking tent today and prepare to embrace the wonders of nature!

Checkout the Tentsile 3 Person Hammock Hanging Tent in action via video below: