This Christmas Tree Cat Bed Is Ideal For Sleeping Your Pet During The Holidays

christmas tree cat bed

Do you wait until the very last moment to set up your Christmas tree because you know Fluffy will use it as his own special jungle gym, resulting in crushed presents, destroyed lights, and Christmas spirits? Why not consider getting Fluffy his personal Christmas tree? During the holidays, your cat will have a pleasant and secure cat house or cave to play in thanks to this felt and wool Christmas tree.

This Christmas tree bed will not only serve a useful purpose for your cat, but it can also be prominently displayed as a bit of enjoyable holiday styling because it’s simply so darn pretty.

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christmas tree cat bed
The Christmas tree cat or dog bed is built by a green sheep wool with fringed and curled edges to look more tree-like.
A brilliant wool garland is used to ornament the tree. Wet felting is applied to the tree and the garland in order to make them eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and pleasant on the skin.

In order to clean the tree shaped cat bed, you have to use a lint roller and vacuum cleaner.

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christmas tree pet bed

What is the size of the Christmas Tree Cat Bed?

This Christmas tree cat bed comes in 13.7″L x 15.7″W x 4″H and may accommodate cats weighing up to 8 pounds. Since each bed is individually handcrafted, there will be a few minor variations.

Since this eye-catching Christmas Cat bed is handmade, it may take up to 12 weeks to receive Fluffy’s Christmas bed at your home.

If you need something quickly, you can look at a few different options on Amazon.

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