BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board- Turn Your Core Training into a Fully Interactive Game

Balance is extremely essential in everyone’s life. Be it balancing work or personal life or balancing the body to ensure fitness, it’s all extremely essential. However, if you want to add balance to your fitness routine, BoBo has designed the BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board. To be honest, this fitness balance board is ought to leave you smitten with high-end functionality and its ability to bring balance to your body fitness.

So, if you want to invest in this free workout balance board, we have got the review ready for you. Are you ready to give this balance board a try and fix the shoddiness in your physical balance?

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BoBo Core Trainer Fitness Balance Board – The Brief Review

To begin with this, the family-ready balance board will move with your family’s rhythm. The core balance fitness board has a cushioned design which you can use anywhere without worrying about scratching the floor or damaging the carpet. Be it the deck or bedroom, you can use this balance board for fitness exercising and training. In addition, the unit weighs only 3lbs, so it’s easy to move around. Its lightweight design ensures that anyone can pick up the BoBo board and work out where they want to.

Fitness Tracking App Connectivity

There are sensors designed into the balance board which can connect to the tablet or smartphone through an Bobo app. Also, this connectivity is best to keep track of the exercises and your progress. When we talk about connectivity and app, it’s essential to note down that your entire family can create the individual user profiles, so you can customize the training programs and assess everyone’s progress separately. With the app, the users can also collect real-time biofeedback.

With the help of the fitness tracking app, the users can track the performance and improve the health standards which makes it suitable for people prescribed to physical therapies, athletes, and families. When you are using the app with BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board, you can challenge the family and friends with coordination and balance games. You can also use the app for daily exercises and games, which makes it suitable for physical therapy sessions, at-home workouts, and training.

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Functionality And Sensors

BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board is designed to help people improve their movement and reduces the chances of injuries. The balance trainer board is integrated with the on-screen challenges which help trainees gain rapid results. It can be used to improve coordination, balance, core strength, reaction time, flexibility, and stabilization. Not to forget, with the improvement in flexibility, you will be able to prevent injuries.

BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board is smartly designed with sensors and these sensors can deliver instant feedback to the Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. With this balance trainer board, you can simply place it on any preferred surface, open the app, and the individual profile will come up. In addition, the individual profile will open access to daily exercises, fun games, and fitness challenges. (We promise you won’t stop playing or exercising and will named it “Fun fit balance board”).

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Perfect For Everyone

This BoBo Balance Board is perfect for the entire family. For instance, it provides different screen times, and with the help of balance-oriented games, even the kids can train and exercise. With the integration of a built-in trainer, individual routines, balance tests, and instant feedback, the unit delivers accurate results. In particular, balance games are perfect for kids to enhance focus and sharpen their motor skills.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this balance board can keep everyone on their toes (literally, right?) which not only challenges them but excite them as well. In the case of athletes, the core balance board provides an extra edge, so they can throw farther, run fast, jump high, and quickens the response (yup, agility). The regular use of this multi-functional balance board will not only strengthen the core but improve coordination, prevent injuries, and enhance the posture as well.

Additional Information

BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board will gives you access to improved balance and an active body if you can just spare ten minutes in a day. It can be used for full-body as well as core free workouts. Hence, it makes a great choice for people who want to expand the home balance training system. What we love about this balance board is made by physical therapy experts who know how coordination and agility are boosted.

Moreover, this unit offers balance-based fitness training which improves athletic performance. Not to forget, it promises improved performance in different sports, such as boxing, tennis, football, basketball, and surfing. Moreover, the unit can be used by people who are interested in gymnastics and skiing as it boosts flexibility and strength. (It will surely take your athletic workout performance to the next level).

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The Bottom Line 

BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board is one of the best units you can use for improving balance, flexibility, and agility. With the availability of challenging and fun games, everyone will get the best results and reach their full potential. When we talk about the benefits, the balance board promises better focus, higher coordination, higher confidence, improved posture, and increased attention span.

Not to forget, if kids use the unit, it helps develop the motor skills and the coordination will increase as well. What we love the most is its ability to track the progress and showing the biofeedback instantly on the app.


Is this suitable for hardcore exercise?

No, BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board is not suitable for people who are looking for hardcore training. This is because it only spruces up the workouts.

Who is the balance board good for?

The balance board is the right choice for you if you like short and fun training games. With this balance board, the users can combine the games and exercises to improve training.

Where can I use this balance board?

You can use this balance board everywhere you want. This is because the unit only weighs 3lbs which means you can carry it around anywhere you want. In addition, the cushioned design means it can be placed anywhere.

Does it come with a charger?

Yes, the BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board comes with a charging cable (there is no adapter). In addition, the package includes the air pump and balance cushion. Moreover, one charge will operate the balance board for around twelve hours.

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