The Cowboy Boot Crocs That Make Cowboy Or Cowgirl Dreams Come True

Ultimate Cowboy Boot Crocs

If you’re a die-hard cowboy or cowgirl looking for the ultimate pair of crocs, let me introduce you to the cowboy boot crocs! These were actually a funny prank idea product posted by Busch Beer in 2021.

Crocs are known for their unique clog-like design and comfort, while cowboy boots are a traditional Western style of boots that typically have a pointed toe and a high shaft. Combining the two styles may create a unique look, but it’s important to note that cowboy boot crocs are not a common or widely accepted type of footwear.

In August 2021, Bush Beer shared an image of the Croc cowboy boots with the caption “Tell us this isn’t Genius”.


People on both sides of the debate reacted quickly to Bush Beer’s tweet about cowboy boot crocs. “This is not genius,” one individual said immediately.

The another person tweeted in reply of first person and said, “Not genius. ***VERY GENIUS”.

2021 busch beer cowboy-boot-crocs
Another follower of the cowboy boot crocs replied enthusiastically: “Made for and worn by only the truest of fans! Hell yeah!”

When Busch Beer designed an image of the Croc cowboy boots, they even placed small pins on the the boots, including one pin that says: “Bad Day To Be a Busch Light”.


It’s worth noting that these are not an official product, but rather a custom modification of crocs made to look like cowboy boots. However, people who have made cowboy boot crocs have used a variety of techniques and materials to create the look.

Cowboy boot Crocs are generally considered to be casual footwear rather than formal. While cowboy boots themselves can be worn for both formal and casual occasions, the addition of the Croc material and design would typically make them more suitable for informal settings such as outdoor activities, relaxed gatherings, or lounging around. Additionally, the playful design of the Croc cowboy boots may not be appropriate for some more formal occasions.

Some common ways people have made cowboy boot crocs include:

Painting: Some people have painted their crocs to resemble the design of cowboy boots. This can involve painting on the colors and patterns associated with traditional cowboy boots, such as a brown base with a patterned top.

Gluing on materials: Others have used materials like leather, suede, or felt to create a cowboy boot look on their crocs. This involves cutting the materials to size and gluing them onto the croc.

Boot covers: Another way to create a cowboy boot look is to use boot covers designed to fit over shoes. These can be made of a variety of materials, including leather, and can be attached to the crocs with glue or Velcro.

Overall, there are many different ways to create ultimate cowboy boot crocs by own, and the method used will depend on the individual’s preferences and skills.


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