Play Your Favorite Card Games In The Pool With This Floating Card Table

Floating pool waterproof playing cards

The summer sun is shining with full zeal, and we all are craving some swimming pool parties. Well, even if you have a full-fledged swimming pool on your terrace or backyard, you have got to crave some games in there, right? Also, you don’t always want to have drinks or play catch-catch with the ball in the swimming pool. For all those times, Swimline has got you covered with the Swimline Game Station Set and waterproof playing cards; doesn’t it sound fun? Playing card while in the pool? It surely excites us! So, let’s see what this game station is all about! Buy On Amazon Floating Card Table

Swimline Game Station with Waterproof Playing Cards – The Brief Review

With this set, you can soak the sun while playing the card game of your choice. There are two inflatable sling seats available in the set, so you can push them in the pool, have a comfy seat, and play the game with ease. What we love about this set is that it comes with drink holders because who doesn’t like sipping on juice (or margarita, maybe?) while playing the game. In addition to seats, there is an inflatable floating game table designed, so you can throw in your cards while playing. Personally, we can even use this set to hold the pizza on the table and just enjoy the cheesy delight while in the pool (it’s pretty versatile, don’t you think?). Still, in case you are a fan of playing card games, there are waterproof playing cards available for you. Moreover, the chair seats and table can be connected with the bungee ball cords. Topping it all, the Swimline floating game station has vinyl construction which makes it a durable option and will last for years (unless you decide to pock in a needle). As far as suitability is concerned, this game station is perfect for seven-year-old kids and older people. This floating card table will help you have a card game with ease in the pool. It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy Go Fish with your kids or play solitaire with your friends; this game station will fit the bill. The best thing about this game station is that the board has a multi-board configuration (it is double-sided). You can use one side for checkers and chess while the other side is for card games. When it comes down to the inter-connectable pieces, there is a bungee ball tie system, so you can tie down the part with each for improving stability.

Convenience & Durability Of Swimline Game Station

To begin with, this game station is the epitome of convenience. For instance, there are two seats that can be tied down with the bungee ball tie system, so the seats and table will remain stable. In addition, the seats are designed with comfortable construction, so you can kick back into the pool and relax. Also, hey, the drink holders will help you keep the drinks accessible because everyone loves some sipping while enjoying a game! The game station is constructed with vinyl material. This material is resistant to UV, so you can use it under the sun without worrying about the deteriorating quality. Also, this vinyl material is durable and has higher quality standards. Moreover, it comes with a patch kit, so you can easily patch up the torn parts and keep using the seats. As for inflation, the game station is extremely easy to inflate and deflate, hence easier storage. To top it all, you can wipe it down for cleaning (yes, you just have to wipe!). Best Floating Card Table

Waterproof Playing Cards

Since this game station comes with waterproof playing cards and the playing cards are poker-sized for better handling. In addition, all of them are designed with unique and genuine artwork, and it has casino quality. These cards resonate with luxury and can be used for all card games. In particular, there are red and blue cards available, so you can team up! Additionally, you can also play floating chess and floating checker while in the pool, you just need to get a chess board or floating checker to place in the middle of floating card table.

The Bottom Line

Swimline game station with waterproof playing cards is your best companion when you have to slide down in the swimming pool. Ranging from quality to convenience and durability, this game station has everything that you need to enjoy this summer season in the swimming pool.


Can we add extra chairs?

Yes, you can add extra chairs because it allows the extra seat attachment. The users can attach two extra chairs and make a table of four.

Are the chairs detachable?

Yes, the chairs are detachable from the table if you want easier storage and pulling down.

What is the weight limit for these chair seats?

The weight limit for these chairs is 200lbs, which makes them suitable for kids as well as adults.

Which games can I play with the playing cards?

The playing cards are suitable for different games, such as poker, Crazy Eights, and Go Fish.

Does the floating card table is hard like our regular tabletops?

No, the tabletop is not hard, but it doesn’t take away the sturdiness. This is because when you inflate the tabletop, it gets tight and firm, so chess board pieces and cards will stay in place!

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