This Heated Dog Bed Will Keep Your Pets Warm All The Winter

heated dog bed

If your puppy is anything like mine, they sleep in the bed with you and, when they become too chilly, they push you to put them under the blankets in the dark of night… each night… Maybe they’d have somewhere warm and cozy to sleep someplace, they’d quit taking up a lot of room in the bed!

This unusual heated dog bed is good to take your dog more toasty this winter while resting and relaxing. The heated dog bed connects into any ordinary wall outlet and consumes only 6 watts of energy. The bed has been extensively tested to meet US and Canadian electrical safety regulations, so you won’t have to worry about any concerns affecting your dog.

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best heated dog bed

The heated dog bed is available on amazon in a variety of sizes, and regardless of the type of bed you have, there is also a heated cat bed. In addition, if you don’t want to acquire a full dog bed or even a padded cushion, the same firm provides heated dog mats as well.

The unique dog bed is an ideal gift for your dog this Christmas. It also a wonderful for use on dogs who have hip problems, arthritis, or any other joints or pain disorders, since the heat will help minimize and dull their pain.

heated bed for cat

This electronic heated dog bed is thermostatically managed to heat your pet’s internal body temperature and is pre-programmed to keep your canine extra warm and comfortable all winter long.

The comfy dog bed features a detachable cover and pillow for easy – to – clean that are entirely washable in your washing machine, is just for inside use, and is completely safe if urinated on by your pooch.

The medium size comes 20 x 26 inches, while the big variant extends 24 x 31 inches. 

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