This Inflatable Bathtub Is Ideal For Camping Or When You Don’t Have Access To A Standard Bathtub

best Inflatable Bathtub

You’ve seen inflatable hot tubs and foldable bath tubs, but how about combining these two amazing creations?! That’s exactly what you get with this stunning inflatable bathtub! The inflatable tub easily inflates in just three minutes using an air pump and is available to have you get in for a pleasant spa session, literally anywhere! It’s ideal for camping or when you don’t have a bath tub at home. You might, however, choose the inflatable lounge chair pool when you’re outside!

If the prolonged temperature control is not enough to keep you lounging in this spa’s luxury, the insanely comfortable backrest would. A normal tub has a hard back against which you sit, and often don’t have decent head support, so you’re trapped lounging in an awkward posture, necessitating a massage after every soak.

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Best Inflatable spa bathtub

To make matters better, the tub is indeed cold when you first lean against it. This inflatable tub (available on Amazon) features a comfortable, flexible backrest that is accommodating for both your back and neck while also moving around sufficiently to ensure total comfort.

You won’t get that unpleasant shock when you initially lay back because it’s not built of tile or porcelain. A relaxing pro understands they’ll be in the tub for a while, so being hydrated is essential.

This tub has a cup holder to keep your favorite drink close at hand – I suggest hot tea or an adult drink. I suppose you could use the cup holder to keep your cellphone or other gadget, but are you truly relaxing?


This inflatable bathtub is ideal for homes with no any tubs and only showers!

When you’re through using the inflatable bathtub, there’s a quick drain plug near the tub’s foot. All you have to do is pull the plug and see your soothing waters drain (let’s suppose you set it up the tub someplace it can be drained…).

You can also possibly connect a hose to move the water to a drain! Another excellent feature of these tubs is that when not in use, they fold up for simple storage in even the tiny of spaces (like camper or an apartment). You don’t have to give up your luxurious spa time because of your existing living situations!


How to Inflate an Inflatable Bathtub?

There are several possibilities for inflation. Some people use a foot pump, while others use a plug-in electric air pump. The models with an inbuilt motorised air pump will inflate in about 3 minutes. They also use 3 distinct chambers for inflation ensuring that a little leak does not cause water to flow throughout your home. They also use 3 distinct chambers for inflation ensuring that a little leak does not cause water to flow throughout your home.

Is it easy to fit at an Apartment Bath? What is the measurement of Inflatable Bathtub?

This inflatable bath tub is 2 feet 5 inches tall, 5 feet 3 inches long, and 2 feet 9 inches broad. You can also get an inflatable bath tub designed for two adults on Amazon to enjoy together with your loved-one.  Both sides has a backrest, and it’s slightly bigger to support two adults.

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