This Inflatable Hail Protector Will Give More Protection To Your Car At The Outside Parking Spot


In the event that you are stuck in a hail storm and do not have access to a parking spot, the hail protector is an inflatable enclosure that you may place over your vehicle. It’s more than just a sheet that’s draped over your car; the hail protector pumps air into it to create a barrier between the hail and your vehicle, preventing it from breaking your glass or denting your hood.

Simply lay the car hail protector over your vehicle and start inflating it with the attached remote. The gadget can be energised by one of three different power sources: an AA battery pack that will last one hour, a vehicle adapter that will plug into your car which last three hours, or an AC power adapter that will last eternally, until your power is switched out due to the storm…

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This hail protector doesn’t only protects your sedan against hail, but it may also protects your car from sun light, dust or rain if you don’t inflate it.

The inflatable hail shield is available in a variety of sizes to fit different types of vehicles, including sedans, hatchbacks, waggons, minivans, pickups, and SUVs, with lengths ranging from 175 to 270 inches.
The inflatable vehicle hail prevention can be charged and inflated in three ways: using AA batteries, a car adaptor, or by plugging it into any wall outlet!


The tiniest hail protector fits vehicles up to 197 inches in length, while the biggest version covers vehicles up to 270 inches in length!

It takes only 20 mins to make it up the first time, and only 5-8 minutes each time after that!
The hail protector’s aerodynamic design, along with an inbuilt volume-driven blower system, empowers the universal car/truck cover to withstand severe weather!
It even arrives with an app that gives you weather updates and alerts you when it’s time to install the hail shield on your car!