Bondic- Turn Your UV Light Tool into a Liquid Plastic Welder

Liquid Plastic Welder

Plastic welders create a bond using hardened plastic. Unlike glue that either never performs or is too dry when you need it most, plastic welders allow you to apply small fixes without affecting the rest of the items.

There are lots of options to plastic welding. From gigantic professional kits to high-temperature welding kits, there’s so much to choose from. The bottom line is to achieve top-of-the-line weld structural strength, meet demanding specifications for leak-proof, temperature, and pressure while being precise.


Bondic liquid plastic welder is being used to repair a broken key holder

If you are always performing at home repairs or working on personal projects that require a plastic welder. You don’t want to go with just any brand.

Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder is one of its kind. It can fix anything in a matter of seconds. Being the first created in the world, Bondic has a lot of to live up to in terms of expectations. For one, it starts you off with the LED UV light, liquid applicator, and two 4g tubes with the liquid plastic.

Bondic opens your world to endless repair possibilities. From making molds to sealing & filling, insulating electrical wires, and even object setting, all you need to do is find the ideal project to apply the welding, expose the plastic to UV light, and it will harden, and cure into hard plastic.

Liquid Plastic Welder

Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder is being used to fix a broken glass

Bondic’s formula is fascinating since it never dries out. You can perform all sorts of decorative work on your fixed items, and it can be cured under water too. Bondic bonds things together or fixes them. If you don’t have something to join to points. You can get your hands on the liquid plastic to create the kind of bond you like.

This plastic welder withstands temperatures up to 3020F. Using it is pretty easy, and storage is straightforward as it comes with its teeny tiny storage case that looks much like a pen case.

Check out the Best Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder in action via video below:

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