10 Best Longboard Skateboards of 2019- (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Best Longboard Skateboards

Are you into sidewalk surfing? Oh, we know you are, that’s why you are here. Longboards are super fun. They are the in-thing, and that’s for a good reason. From downhill racing to carving across a decent, the feeling is amazing.

When dealing with any moving equipment, quality is what you are looking at. The last thing you want is getting on a substandard longboard that will throw you off and cause injuries. In the quest to achieve safety, we are looking at the top brands that produce quality longboard for daily surfing.

In today’s article, we look at TEN of the Best performing longboard. From beginner models to commuter, traditional cruiser, and flexible drop-through style longboard when you want to surf for hours without risk of injury.

And if you have no idea, where to buy best longboard skateboards and searching longboard shops near me and which factors are important to consider when buying a longboard skateboard, we have also included an in-depth guide.

Wants to ramp up skating experience? Here is the Comparison list of best longboard skateboards that are the top customer reviewed & rating as compared to the others for your ease pick. Take a look & choose the top choice now.

Top Rated Best Longboard Skateboards of 2019

1.The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard:Best Cheap Top Mount Style

Ramp UpWith a traditional shape, the Quest Super Cruiser is an ideal pick for cruising, downhill, freestyle, and carving. It does not break the bank, so you will be enjoying your favorite hobby without hurting your pocket. At 44 inches long penny and weighing 10 pounds, this brand is all about perfection to ensure you never lose your balance.

It bears a durable construction from Multi-ply hardwood and bamboo deck that is designed for performance. It comes with 7-inch aluminum trucks and ABEC 7 speed bearings. They are built to last longer and ensure that your ride stays in the same good condition for a long time.

The 70mm PU wheels take cruising to a new level since they roll smoothly on hard ground as well as prevent dangerous bite when making tight turns.  You will be able to commute with this longboard to and from work for miles.

If you are an intermediate rider, you will love the feel provided by the top mount setup as it gives you more profound turns and an awesome feeling while at it.

Here's Our Verdict


    • Superior finish on deck
    • Made of multi-ply hardwood and 7ply Superflex bamboo
    • 7-inch aluminum trucks
  • Versatile for different riding styles


  • Not ideal for beginners

2. Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Cruiser- Best Longboard for Beginners

Ramp Up

Are you looking for a California look in your longboard? Ten Toes Board got you covered. This longboard is beautifully designed with 8-ply Canadian Maple Hybrid and Bamboo. It is rugged, meaning it can take your cruise to the very extent you need it to.

With the help of its anti-bite technology, its wheels are credited for rolling smoothly without any hiccups along the way. It is a longboard cruiser you will want to grab if you are looking for a healthier and faster way to get to work.

This longboard comes recommended for carving. It has an excellent turning curve, and with the extended kicktail, it is super fun and stable too. It passes the durability tests on bearings since they are ABEC-7. This means they are tolerant through high speeds making them dependable over a decent period.

Here's Our Verdict


  • Built to last with 8-ply Canadian Maple and bamboo
  • Beautiful graphics to match the longboard life
  • 70mm PU wheels use anti-stick technology
  • Comes with an extended kick tail
  • Smooth turning radius


  • It has a plain look that lacks the influence to young riders

3. RIMABLE Complete 22-Inch Skateboard-Best Longboard Skateboard for kids

Ramp Up

If your kids want to join in the fun, get them a longboard ideal for their size. RIMABLE is exactly what you want as it is only 22 inches long penny. Comes in a colorful design that will attract young minds to have a passion for the outdoors. It is going to be an item they love matching to their clothes and have some fun showing off to friends.

This skateboard is built with 3-inch aluminum trucks, ABEC-7 bearings, and nondescript PU wheels. Although the frame is of plastic, young feet will find it lightweight and easy to control. This way, they can transition from the beginner level and practice with the styles they love.

You will find that with a 198-pound weight capacity, parents can join in and spend some quality time together with their children. It is a longboard cruiser, so you will not find it great for downhill and other styles. This is because of its short length which minimizes stability.

Here's Our Verdict


  • Stiff and ready to cruise long distances
  • Ideal for kids and beginners
  • Long-lasting plastic construction
  • Aluminum trucks and ABEC-7 bearings to bear with the weight


  • It is short; hence limited to cruising

4. Skitch Premium Longboard Skateboard Kit-Most Versatile Longboard

Ramp Up

Everyone in your household can enjoy some time on a longboard with Skitch. From Santa Cruz California, this model is inspired by skateboard lovers. It allows beginners and pros to enjoy riding the same mini cruiser thanks to its ability to be adjusted to fit specific features.

The trucks and bearings can be adjusted using the Skitch tool to match it with your speed and cruising style. You will like that it has a flexible deck that is adaptable to your body weight and size. This feature makes it one of the safest since kids, teens, and young adults all have the same leverage when navigating different grounds.

Skitch ensures that you get the most out of your longboard by giving you durable parts. It has ABEC-9 bearings along with high traction wheels, high-rebound pivot cups, and high-flex SHR bushings. This brand puts a ton of their time and energy in perfecting a longboard in a premium quality at an affordable price.

Here's Our Verdict


  • Adjustable for speeds safe for beginners
  • Bearings can be adjusted to suit pros
  • The high-quality parts allow superior rides for a long time
  • Comes with skate tool, tote bag, and backpack


  • The paint does not last a long time

5. Atom Drop Through 41-Inch-Best Longboard for Commute

Ramp Up

Perhaps one of the most stable longboard for commute is the Atom Drop Through model. As the name suggests, the style of this board means the trucks run through the board. As such, the thickness of the board is reduced to attain higher stability.

You will find that your foot drops less to make contact to the ground. Reduced fatigue comes with ramp up speeds and the ability to ride longer distances. This board gives you 9.6 inches of leverage thanks to its distinct perimeter shape. It does not experience any wheel bite to give you a fluid ride in every turn.

It is incredible the support it gives even for heavier users. Not to mention, It can withstand a pressure of up to 300 pounds without compromising on safety. This is because of the low center of gravity which ensures you are always balanced on the deck.

For beginners and carving style you will want to look for a different brand.

Here's Our Verdict


  • Flexible deck remains stable for persons up to 300 pounds
  • Comes assembled and ready to ride
  • Powerful bearings to match high downhill speeds
  • Durable maple laminate deck


  • It’s a bit pricey

6. RipStik Caster Board: A Freeride Styles-A New Complete Skateboard

Ramp Up

With 360-degree inclined caster trucks and a pivoting deck, RipStik Ripster Caster Board is for kids and teens. Compared to a longboard, RipStik comes with a concave deck platform together with a kicktail, kick nose, and spiked traction pads. This type of skateboard is more maneuverable for kids.

You will find that the caster board has two separate decks connected by a rubberized steel torsion bar. The decks have a construction from high tech polymer with a slip-resistant concave platform. This way, the feet can make more contact with the deck which improves the grip and the balance. For kids that want the thrill but are susceptible to injury, you will like this type of design.

This caster board makes it to the complete skateboards category as they have distinctive motion. Instead of using your bodyweight, you will be riding faster as it gives you momentum with less struggle. It may take longer to master this caster board, but once you do, rides will be a breeze.

Here's Our Verdict


  • High-grade wheels for a smooth ride
  • Pivoting deck with 360-degree caster trucks
  • High grip deck improves stability
  • Compact size for youngsters


  • A bit hard to master at first

7. Razor RipSurf- Best Beginner Surfboard LongboardRamp Up

Are you looking for the surfboard experience on land? Razor RipSurf is made in Southern California exhibiting the American quality to bring you a memorable longboarding experience. With two caster wheels, textured traction pad, and a durable construction, it is the ultimate surfing skateboard for beginners and experts the same.

We like that it applies Ripstik one-piece Torsion technology which is fiber-enforced on the polymer frame. This design makes it lightweight such that it is not only smooth to ride, but it also feels comfortable within the first few rides.

Not only that, it has 360-degree caster wheels and a kick tail that enhances performance. This way, you can make quick turns, perform tricks, and hop curbs with exceptional balance. It is one of the best longboards for a good reason.

Here's Our Verdict


  • Durable one-piece construction
  • No assembly required
  • Deep traction deck with kick tail
  • 360-degree caster wheels
  • Up to 220 pounds weight capacity


  • Not ideal for kids under eight years

8. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle- Cheap Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Ramp Up

Playshion is known for its amazing deck styles. We are going to look at their Drop Through style that is ideal for freestyle riders. This longboard lets you perform all types of tricks and even partake in competitions. It boasts a robust construction using 8-ply Maple in a symmetrical design.

It is flexible and sturdy allowing it to withstand a pressure of up to 250 pounds. With a drop through deck style, it has a low center of gravity that equals more stability at fast speeds. You can count on this longboard to give you smooth rides since it comes with 70mm SHR Polyurethane wheels.

They give you a fast ride such that you can safely perform board tricks, slides, and dance on the longboard with ease. It provides your feet with more grip since the deck has a slightly concave shape. And you can ramp up your riding style by tightening or loosening the kingpin.

Here's Our Verdict


  • Ideal for performing tricks
  • Wheels are soft and wide
  • Large weight capacity at 250 pounds
  • High-quality and lightweight 7-inch aluminum trucks


  • Isolated complaint about the bearings not spinning well

9. Xtreme Free Skateboards Penny Skateboard- Best Longboard Skateboard for Kids

Ramp Up

The Xtreme Free long Penny skateboard is an affordable pick ideal for cruising. Whether you are a pro or an entry-level skater, you will find this board excellent for riding on flat surfaces. It carves hard without wheel bite owing to its unique deck shape.

You will like that this is a mini longboard so it is lightweight and will give you exceptional flexibility. Just remember to keep it to the sidewalks and not ride with traffic because it can reach incredible speeds that could be unsafe.

Since it is a mini longboard, kids and teenagers have the advantage of using it because of the footing as it is not as wide and as long as other longboards. It is a quality model for the price as it has ABEC-7 bearings and a weight capacity of 198 pounds. If you want to cruise in your neighborhood, you better grab a brand built to cater to your specific needs.

Here's Our Verdict


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Wide wheel base for cruising
  • Sturdy aluminum trucks and bearings made for speed
  • Easy to handle for young children


  • Needs proper maintenance to remain in good shape

10. Atom 41-Inch Longboard Drop Deck- Best Longboard for Downhill CarvingRamp Up

This is an ultra-low riding longboard that is unique in so many ways.  It achieves maximum stability making it ideal for downhill carving and cruising. For every expert who loves the thrill of speed, we are sure you won’t mind paying a little more for less fatigue when pushing and braking.

With its very low center of gravity, you have 9.6 inches of leverage when it comes to making quick turns around tight corners. This way, you are less likely to bottom out. It is an attractive model featuring a full maple laminate deck, high-rebound SHR wheels, and ABEC 9 bearings. It is a steal to have a uniquely-designed compete skateboard with top-notch features.

Not to mention, you can diversify your style using the 80’s grip tape. It is of professional quality as it has long-lasting glue for the best stick.

Here's Our Verdict


  • Drop deck design prevents wheel bite while offering great stability
  • Ideal for pros and professional skaters
  • Long-lasting maple deck and ABEC 9 bearings
  • High-rebound urethane wheels


  • Wheels get spots when you slide too much

“Factors to Consider when Buying a Longboard Skateboards”

⇒ The question on which model works for goes hand in hand with your riding style and ability level.

  • Riding Style

Different types of longboard skateboards will allow you to ramp up skating experience and achieve a particular riding style. Say you want to freestyle, freeride, carve, or perform downhill, you will want your specific longboard to fulfill the specifications for your style.

For beginners and cruisers, you will want to consider a longboard with softer wheels and trucks. They are likened to skateboards only for the soft wheels and reverse kingpins.

If you are a downhill rider, you are probably an expert in need of speed and control. A drop-through deck and drop deck is your best bet for downhill rides.

Freerides are in high demand of control. At high speeds, you will need a drop-deck longboard.

  • Board Shape

Here you are looking at either directional or symmetrical longboards. Directional longboards face forward as in the pintail longboard design. But symmetrical models feel the same no matter the direction you are facing.

  • Deck Styles

The style of your deck showcases the stability and ease of braking. If it is too high, you lose balance but gain leverage when winding around tight corners. And if it is closer to the ground, it is more stable, but you are likely to bottom out when navigating around tight corners.

There are four major deck styles which include top deck, drop through, double drop, and longboard drop deck. Drop Through decks are popular. They have the trucks running through the deck. As such, it is closer to the ground, more stable, and able to cruise for long distances.


You never know the thrill you are missing until you get on a longboard. We have included the Best Longboard Skateboards for every skating enthusiastic to boost-up skating style, with the hope you will find our guide useful. Searching the Skateboards shops near me or Skateboards brands will never tell you the kind of skateboard you expect in the shop. We have models for beginners, kids’, cruising, downhill, carving, and even commute designs to ramp up your skating experience this year.

Go on and make a wise investment with our top choices.  

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