The Best Portable Folding Hammock That Sets Up Anywhere

best portable folding hammock

Summers have arrived in full form, and we all know what that calls for, a hammock! Be it in the bedroom or balcony, or the backyard, the hammock is the perfect swing to relax and slow down during hectic days. Truth be told, the hammock makes a perfect swing while traveling. But hey, we all know that hammocks require trees and not everyone those tall plants, right?

Hammocking has evolved, and two product engineers have created the high-end folding hammock. To begin with, they advertised the compact folding hammock as the world’s greatest hammock, and we don’t mind saying that they aren’t lying (yes, it’s that good). Well, we guess you don’t have to have trees or poles anymore. So, let’s dive in deeper to know more about this hammock!

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compact folding hammock


With increasing popularity in hammocking, this folding hammock will meet and exceed your hammocking needs like crazy. The first impression tends to be heavy, but 15lbs is perfect for people who want a folding hammock (30lbs is the starting weight for many folding hammocks, so it’s pretty lightweight, we would say). We would totally recommend it for regular use and car camping.

Since it’s the folding hammock, it has two spread bars that help keep the hammock open and comfortable. Also, it won’t close up abruptly, so the folding legs are great. The best part of folding legs is that they have ample distance to create a perfect curve.

This curve will make a comfortable place to swing and rest in (you won’t feel like laying down in a cot with this slight curve, yay!). What’s more, genius is that it has a built-in pillow at one end, so you can lay down comfortably. It doesn’t add weight, but comfort is surely alleviated. It can open to fit 6’ 5” people, so even the taller ones can snuggle in comfortably.

best folding hammock


The compact folding hammock is pretty much lightweight but surely doesn’t compromise on stability. The package comes with a long shoulder strap, which makes it easy to move around. Also, it has a rainfly tarp, mosquito netting, and quilt that can add up to the weight. However, it has steel construction, so we do think that shifting to aluminum could have reduced the weight even more.


portable folding hammock

Durability & Stability

It’s obvious that you will be using the hammock in summer, which can result in wear and tear. In general, people are always concerned about elastic but mind you, it can hold up pretty well and won’t lead to any wear and tear. However, if placed in direct sunlight, the color might fade a bit, but that’s pretty reasonable (this is because it only happens when placed in direct sunlight for a long).

This free standing folding hammock bed has an amazing foot design which makes the hammock stable and amplifies the support on different floorings and surfaces. The best thing about this hammock bed is the extended feet on the bottom side which improves the surface area. It can be placed on mud, sand, and every other surface (yes, no chances of sinking either).

With the spreader bars, it will be easier to get in and climb out of the hammock. Topping it all, the portable folding hammock is also perfect for kids because there are no chances of fall-outs of kids. With the lightweight design, it’s incredibly convenient to use, and you can carry it around in the carrying case (easy peasy!). Also, it is quick to set up. When it comes down to setup and pack-up, the folding hammock only demands sixty seconds.

free standing hammock


Well, let’s get to our favorite part about this best portable folding hammock, which essentially adds the features of the hammock and streamlines the entire hammocking experience. First of all, there is a sunshade (removable, of course), so you can adjust the sunshade at a specific angle. Secondly, there are side pockets that are stitched in, which makes it easier to hold the keys, wallet, and smartphone.

Thirdly, this free standing hammock comes with drink pockets and a basket that makes it comfortable for everyone. It has a mesh storage basket in the hammock, so you can store electronics, gears, and books. Also, we love the drink pockets. To nicely sum up, this portable folding hammock got some pretty versatile options which mean it can be installed in the backyard or can be taken for camping and beaching with no second thoughts.

The Bottom Line

Hammocking has always been on our list, but we weren’t expecting this portable folding hammock to be this amazing. The hammock can be used on a regular basis while offering a comfortable and stable experience. The most intriguing part is that this hammock stretches beyond the camping sites and makes a great addition to the terrace or backyard. To summarize, it’s an ideal folding hammock in our book!


What is the weight capacity of this portable folding hammock?

The Mock One folding hammock can handle up to 250lbs of weight which is pretty generous.

Can I hang the hammock without trees?

Yes. While traditional hammocks are generally hung between two trees, the republic of durable goods mock one – compact portable folding hammocks don’t necessarily need trees to be hung. It can alternatively be hung using the hammock support, which serves the same purpose as trees.

Can I use the free standing hammock on the beach side?

Yes. Since the hammock comes with its own support system, you don’t need trees to enjoy your hammock anywhere. This means that now you can cherish the experience of using hammock at the sea side as well.

Can we adjust the angles, or has it a straight flat configuration only?

The folding hammock can be set up only in one position but is supports multiple sitting positions. So you can lay down, keep the feet out, lay on the side, sit up with a pillow behind the head, or bend the knees up, whatever you prefer!

Is it comfortable to use the hammock when sleeping on the stomach or side?

The hammock is not suitable for people who sleep on stomach. However, it’s perfect for sleeping on the side, but you must remain conscious about the twisting motion.

Checkout the Best Portable Folding Hammock in action via video below: