This Unique Toilet Sink Twice Recycles Faucet Water In The Toilet And Clean Your Hands

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SinkTwice is a sink that connects to the top of your toilet, changing your present toilet lid, and enables you to wash your hands with clean water and reusing that water in the toilet for your coming flush. Why spend all that water cleaning your hands when it could have been put to better use washing your poo down the can.

Not only would the toilet sink saves water and money on your water bills, but it would also educate your kids about the significance of water conservation.

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To use it, flush your toilet as usual after using the washroom, and the clean water that would typically go into the toilet for your next flush is passed through the sink for you to clean your hands with.

The SinkTwice toilet sink is available in two variants, one of which will operate with any regular side lever flushing toilet whilst the other with the double flush choice toilets, which are typically found in Europe and have the flush button in the upper of the toilet.

sink twice toilet sink The toilet sink is extremely simple to install in just 5 minutes, have a white color, replace toilet lids 17.2” or smaller, weighs 2.6 pounds, and dimensions 17″ long x 8.8″ wide x 2.2 inches thick.

The reusable sink water toilet is designed to fit most common toilet tanks ranging in size from 14 to 16.8 inches. When you flush the toilet, fresh water will begin to flow through faucet, allowing you to wash your hands!

faucet toilet sink The used water from the faucet flows directly into the water tank, where it will be used in the next flush of your toilet.

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