This Trailer Hitch Hammock Stand Allows You To Attach Dual Lounge Chairs To Your Truck


Sitting on a cushion or resting on air can put a lot of strain on your fleshy body. Perhaps all you need to sit comfortably is to float on nothingness. The trailer hitch stand is comprised of two seats that are connected to your truck’s trailer hitch and swing high over the ground like a hammock.

The pack includes a leg support and 2 arm supports that hang by each chair, and while it may appear challenging at first and take a minute to get into the chair, you won’t be going for another two hours, so it will work out.

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The hanging trailer hitch hammock chairs are constructed of durable fabric and are easy to install by simply connecting it into your present trailer hitch.

They are ideal for tailgating, camping, music festivals, or simply resting on a road trip with the family.

trailer hammock chair

The Hammaka trailer hitch hanging chairs come in a number of colors, with a three-piece installation that hooks to any conventional 2-inch trailer hitch, and are constructed of powder coated steel that is supporting up to 500 pounds.

Their updated trailer hitch hammock stand is broader, allowing you to hang an actual hammock or one of these giant tree pod tents!

You can even affix a full-sized hammock to their newer model, allowing you to lie entirely flat and nap wherever you stop!

They also sell a variety of chairs, hammocks, and accessories for your trailer hitch hammock stand!

The Hammaka hitch stand fits any regular 2″ receiver on your truck, SUV, or sedan!

The trailer hitch hammock stand is built up by high quality powder coated steel and is delivered in an easy three piece setup!

The Hammaka hitch stand is support up to 500 pounds, with each arm supporting around 250 lbs!

hammock stand chair

Watch the Hammaka trailer hitch hanging chair in action via video below:

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