Withings ScanWatch: Turn Your Hybrid Smartwatch Into An ECG Monitor

Withings watch

The Withings ScanWatch is the first hybrid smartwatch to be clinically approved and is one of the revolutionary emerging technology that allows people to better monitor their health status. It’s functional during the daytime and night, whether you’re at work or amidst sporting activities.

Covid-19 has made Withings ScanWatch more relevant than ever before. It allows people to monitor their health position regularly on their own without visiting a physicians. This makes individuals aware of their health and reduces the risk of any escalating ailment.

The new advanced Withings ScanWatch brings the health tracking formula to the next level. Its flagship features like on-demand ECG heart measurement, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, 30 days battery life and SpO2 sensors help to detect early warning signs of blood oxygen levels and sleep apnea detection making this the most user-friendly wearable fitness tracking device. Plus, it also sends notification, HR data, and activity report just on your wrist works as a hybrid smartwatch.


withings watch

This is the perfect fitness tracker for enthusiasts who would like to know more about their health. Without strapping on a hefty smartwatch and the ECG monitors are what make this gadget incredibly unique to most health trackers offered on the market.

The Withings ScanWatch is one of the best devices that monitor your heart rate 24/7 on your wrist. Also, renowned as wrist-based ECG monitor watch. The rear heart rate sensor is attached by two electrodes and a third on the front of the scan watch to record an ECG.

Simply find the ECG icon through your watch’s interface and then press in on the crown. Put your finger on the scanwatch bezel for 30 seconds to get current electrocardiogram (ECG) results on the watch’s PMOLED display. If any unusual pattern is detected, the scanwatch will send you a notification to run an ECG scan. Alternatively, by using the Health Mate app you can also check your second-by-second ECG record in a real time with a detailed graph showing your health chart.

withings watch sensor

This health monitor device has an option to record and generate a PDF of your ECG results accurately in 60 seconds. This enabling you to share a printable report with your physician, whenever necessary, using the Heart Mate App. I personally tested this feature out twice in a day. At the first attempt my resting heart rate was generally between 55-59bpm. Whilst, the second time round it was between 57-61bpm. Instantaneously generated a PDF of my ECG record and downloaded it onto my New iPhone SE 2020 to share with my doctor for reviewing. It was easy, convince and quick.

The Withings watch also has a SpO2 sensor to estimate blood oxygen saturation levels. This helps to identify initial signs of Atrial fibrillation (AFib) and sleep apnea. The SpO2 testing is as easy as the ECG reading. Just find and select the SpO2 icon on your brand new scanwatch. Place your finger for 30 seconds on the bezel to get the SpO2 results on the watch’s PMOLED display. The quality of the sensors never fails to impress.

Withings watch

In order to monitor the overnight oxygen saturation levels, it offers three modes. If you want to watch SpO2 every night you’ll select “Always-on” mode. There is an “Auto-mode” (recommend by Withings) that scans three nights constantly of each calendar quarter and alerts you before if you want to postpone. If you don’t want to use any mode, you can turn off SpO2 monitoring. Hence, the Withings watch will record your overnight breathing levels, sleep duration, depth and more and gives a deep sleep analysis report on your wrist.

withings sleep apnea

This ECG monitor ScanWatch comes in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm models. You can buy according to your wrist size. The 38mm size is 13.2mm thick, a slimmer case and weighs approximately 58gram excluding the strap. The 42mm model is 13.7mm thick, and weighs approximately 82g. Made-up of high quality stainless steel case with a scratch resistant touch sapphire glass display. Making your wearing experience carefree of scratching or cracking while exercising at the gym and swimming.

There’s only a single control Withings ScanWatch like the previous models iPhones home screen button. In order to see your daily activity report and various menu options, you’ll need to use the “digital crown” available on the right side of the watch for navigation or to wake up the screen. If you want to go back to the previous menu option, you can’t do that. Because, there is no back button option available. Simply wait for a moment till the screen time out and then reselect it.

withings healthmate app

Connecting the best ScanWatch health monitor to your smartphone is very easy. Just by installing the Health Mate app, then create a new account and sign-in. Select install a new device and follow step-by-step on-screen instructions. It’s simply a straightforward process similar if you’ve ever used any company’s sleep trackers, fitness monitors and other devices.

All the information of your health will gathered together into a single dashboard of Withings ScanWatch. You can see a comprehensive picture of your overall health stats at a single console.
Not to mention, there’s a Smart wake-up alarm feature. It will wake you up with a silent vibration at the optimal time when it detects you’re sleeping calmly. The silent vibrations won’t disturb your partner as it wakes you up.
Apart from the all superior features, Withings claims the battery life will dead up to 30 days once it gets fully juiced-up. It is dive, bigger than an Apple Watch’s maximum 18 days battery time.

Overall, the best Withings ScanWatch shoves the limits of what wrist wearable technology can be. With an attractive mix of stylish, classic design, it monitors heart rate and breathing round about the clock and provides a complete picture of your heart health minutely. Simply, you can’t beat the Withings ScanWatch in the hybrid watch world as it is one of the highest rated hybrid smartwatch you can buy today.

Checkout the Best Withings ScanWatch in action via video below:

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