This Bubble Pet Carrier Backpack Give Your Pet a Full View While You Travel

bubble backpack carrier

For everyone who has a pet cat or a puppy who clings to you whenever you pick the car keys, the backpack carriers are perfect for you. Well, the cages aren’t worth your pet’s greatness (they are the boss, you know?). Now there is no reason why you cannot tag them along because the Lollimeow bubble pet carrier backpack is an incredible option.

The unique bubble pet carrier backpack is suitable for small and medium-size pets, be it cats or puppies. The backpack is incredibly catchy that makes it a fun travel partner for your munchkin. This pet backpack carrier is manufactured from eco-friendly and finer products, hence the safety and health of your four-legged buddy. It weighs around 2.7 pounds and can hold pets up to 13 pounds.


bubble backpack

This pet carrier travel backpack is a stylish bubble pack, perfect for walking, travel, hiking, and regular outdoor usage. You will carry it at the back (obviously) but the front as well. And, is designed with one opening on the side. It makes it easy for pet owners to stick their hands inside and cares the pet if they feel anxious.

The best part of this pet carrier backpack is the transparent design that allows the pets to enjoy the scenic views during traveling or hiking. Also, this is an airline-approved backpack carrier, so you don’t have to leave behind your pet while you pack your bags for the summer camping trip.

There are nine ventilation holes in the backpack carrier, so the pet feels cool. This pet carrier travel bag has an ample room, and your pal can enjoy the 180-degree view. To illustrate, your pet can enjoy the warm sunshine and rainy weather. It’s comes with a security leash, so your pet doesn’t jump out and run away (Lollimeow know how pets act, right?).

pet backpack bag

Who Can Use This Backpack Carrier?

To begin with, the backpack carrier is designed with adjustable chest, shoulder, and waist straps, hence easier to carry. The straps promise snug fitting without putting excessive strain on you. To illustrate, this bubble backpack pet carrier is the right choice for pet owners who hate leaving their pets behind.  Hence, it is perfect for travel, so be it hiking or walking, it fits perfectly.

The adjustable straps in the backpack carrier promise a snug fit. Even more, it will fit people with different postures, heights, and weights.

Why We Love Lollimeow Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier?

The transparent bubble window of this pet carrier backpack is a huge plus. It’s an affordable option with various features that provide value for the money. In addition to nine ventilation holes, there are mesh holes on the side for proper ventilation and airiness. It also comes with padding at the bottom.

On the contrary, the padding is small, so it’s best to add the blanket. The blanket will improve the comfort level of your pets. When you use the backpack carrier for your pet for the first time, they might pant or meow (there is nothing wrong with the carrier, of course). This bubble pet backpack carrier is incredibly easy to clean, so just take a wet cloth and wipe the backpack.

The best part of this backpack carrier I personally like is the diversity. That’s to say because this carrier isn’t only good for traveling but for going shopping as well. There is a latch hook that ensures the secure shutdown of the backpack. You can affix the bubble backpack carrier with the car’s backseat so the pets remain safe during the car ride (or plane’s).

bubble backpack carrier

Not to mention that, the backpack has a waterproof construction, so your pet will not feel like a scary dogs if rain or water is splashing around. It is available in three colors, such as yellow, green, and red, so match it with your pet’s accessories.

In the last but not least, the padding isn’t thick enough. So, you will need to add the blanket. Besides, the padding isn’t properly secured to the floor; it might move under the weight of your pet. Apart from this, the bubble backpack carrier is a suitable choice for every pet owner when they have to head out and want to take their pets along. To summarize, it’s the feature-rich carrier with an affordable price tag, what more would you want?


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