Knee Blades-Coolest Flooring Knee Pads With Wheels

flooring knee pads with wheels

These Coolest Flooring knee pads with wheels free you from the pains of sore knees and back. They make it easy for you if you work on all fours; hence you can complete jobs faster. We are talking masonry, installing tiles, wooden floors, paint jobs, car maintenance, and chores like gardening or stocking cabinets and shelves.

These unique Knee pads with wheels are designed with comfort and stability in mind. They provide ease and speed allowing you to complete work in time while sparing your knees and back. You’ll find these knee pads super adjustable so you can attain the most comfortable position.


flooring knee pads with wheels

“A painter uses this Mine Craft 1603 KneeBlades”

The first thing you notice is that these flooring Knee Pads with wheels are independent of each other. This adds to their functionality as you can move faster. The pads make it easy to achieve different positions on the job, all you need to do is work on some balance, and you are good to go.

Flooring knee pads with wheels

“Installing a floor on Mine Craft 1603 KneeBlades”

Designed with a tapered gel pad, these incredible knee pads can evenly distribute weight and eliminate pressure to the knees. They mold to knees so that every time you have them on, you get a customized feel. What’s more, the knee pads use a hook and loop closure. You can snap them on in an instant and get them off just as fast.

We particularly like that each blade has three non-marring casters. They are built to offer 360-degree turns. This way, there’s no move you cannot make while working.

best knee pads

Not to mention, each caster has an 80 pound weight capacity making a total of 480 pounds on all the six casters on the two blades. Most people can use these knee pads with wheels without worries about reaching the max weight capacity.

At 3.5 pounds, these are not the most lightweight knee blades out there. We find that using them on your knees should be comfortable, but once you decide to use them walking, they have some drag that you don’t want to deal with on the job. They are better off just used when kneeling.

Check out the KneeBlades- Knee pads with wheels in action via the video below.

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