Pick Your One-Stop Living With Vango Odyssey Giant Family Tunnel Tent

Giant Camping tents

Whether you’ve planned to go for a series of pathways merged in Spain hiking or designed an adventure to the Appalachian Trail in United Kingdom lands, camping is a must. The more you’ll find comfort while relaxing, the more memorable trip you’ll create. But converting the term “mountainous land” into a hotel-style comfort zone seems not worth considering. Though it’s not unfeasible to meet camping while designing a three to four days stay at some rocky side but there are some extents that could not come true during ordinary tent fixation.

For instance, you would obviously have a camp, but not different compartments in it. You would have one to three-person capacity within a single shade of your camp, but not for eight people. Likewise, ordinary tents are going to provide you all those events that can maintain your straightway journey but somewhere, are not enough to sustain personal comfort.

Here we have a spectacular option to grab straight-away which is of Vango Odyssey Family Tunnel Tent, Epsom Green, 800. This giant camping tent is capable to uphold all necessities required for a fine setup on hill-tops, seaside, forest adventures, and tropical escapades.


family tunnel tent

Specialties bind with Giant Camping Family Tunnel Tent

The Unique giant family tunnel tent always comes with additional and exceptional ideas throughout its discipline. To let yourself closer to family and friends – along with you’re on a trip – you must look over at the magnificent option of family tunnel tents.

5-rooms Structure & Composition

The wide infrastructure is not outwardly admiring but inwardly too. There are a total of five rooms with a common sitting space in the center. You can also customize it and make one large room on each side or you can make three rooms on each side. Hence, you would have a maximum possibility to manage bags and other luggage safely while keeping personal comfort constant.

You can decorate it with great stuff like new mattresses, swinging chairs, camping chairs, couches, tables, and many more. Furthermore, if the family doesn’t want to open the entire tent up to its largest extension, just set it to your requirements. In this way, the giant family tunnel tent is fully featured and completely customizable.

Large tent

The body material is rain-proof with a long-lasting and stable frame that will conserve you tender and satisfactory. So, sudden modification in climate expressions will keep you dry in every single compartment of this large tent. On the ground composition of this durable family tunnel camping tent, there exists a sewn-in groundsheet, made up of the same fabric held by the rest of the tent walls.

These firm sheeting-coverers are point able that keeps oneself away from the terrible reptiles and tropical scorpions. Also, associate to provide a draught free environment. The tough fabric sheets on the wall resist morning rays that crush everyone’s sleep. Hence, keep yourself truly feeling like paying for a concrete room at a standard hotel.

Roll up PVC Window Of Giant Camping Tent

How would you feel when you can observe lively heavy rains in the forest while sitting inside your giant vango family tunnel tent room? That will remarkably add the significant time you spend on your nature-side hangout. So, the tent has occupied PVC transparent window in its outside direction. This window lights out the entire giant family tent and retains complete defense from evening bugs. Moreover, one can hang curtains of contrasting colors inside the windows. This helps you to design inwardly the environment according to the texture of your own decoration ideas.

giant camping family tent

Stop Paying Intensive amounts on Hotels and Grab your Own Mini-home
Different themes of tents you might have had for spending trips to adventures. Along with the evaluation occurring in everyday life, you must get one-step-ahead plans for sound voyages. Thus, the time which is going to be your most unforgettable journey must be packed within a comfortable camping structure. And this is what the giant camping tent has possessed. It will easily place 8 people living like a mini-house. This burdens only 22.6 kilograms weight than an actual mini-home which is 3.3 tons and you cannot drag it to the hill stations, but a bearable giant family tunnel tent easily.

If you are planning to go on a trip, camping, honeymoon, hiking this year never miss an opportunity knocking at your door with this giant tent. Sit back and leave everything on the giant camping tent. This is what you want in your life beside a glass of beer.


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