This Gigantic Inflatable Long Neck Dinosaur Costume Will Ensure That You Are The Topic Of The Party


Over the years, Halloween costumes have progressed significantly. You got LED stick figure costumes and middle finger helmets rather than plain monster masks or grim reaper outfits. Wouldn’t even get me started on the inflatables!

It’s a moment in history where you can dress up as pretty much anything for Halloween – the possibilities are endless! But if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, let me help you out.

Get your hands on one of these massive inflatable dinosaur costumes! When fully inflated, these big neck dinosaur outfits are approximately 7 feet tall. They’re ideal for adults with a height of 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 2 inches.

The funny dino costumes are made of 100% polyester and are meant to remain inflated for up to 4 hours using the accompanying battery pack and stretchable seals to stop air from flowing. Additionally, there are built-in fans!

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The dinosaur costumes leave your arms and face unrestricted, allowing you to get drunk whilst claiming to be a massive creature that has been gone for thousands of years.

Did I claim that the large inflatable huge neck dinosaur shaped costume features pockets on the outside to keep your valuables safe while you’re wearing it?

giant-inflatable-long-neck-dinosaur-costume-   The inflatable dinosaur suit is available in a range of styles. There’s a Diplodocus costume, a T-Rex, and a Triceratops (according to my research). And, the Diplodocus is one of those big-necked dinosaurs that sneezed on the children in Jurassic Park).

There is already a T-Rex Skeleton outfit if you would like to show off your anatomical understanding, that features a cowboy going to ride a dinosaur costume if you would like to be completely historically accurate.  


It’s also simple to put on the gigantic outfit! To begin, fill the battery pack with 4 AA batteries and insert it into the internal pocket of the costume. Then insert your legs, assuring that your ankles are completely covered in the foot holes. Then place your head and arms thru the appropriate holes, zip up the back, and wait for the air to fill up!


The company that makes the inflatable costumes, MorphSuits, has a large following (more than million Facebook fans) and a lot of favourable reviews for their items.

“Excellent purchase of 2020!” wrote an user called Clint following Halloween last year. This was a wonderful way to put a joy on everyone’s face after such a long time! “Simple to put on and quite durable!” I couldn’t have stated it any more brilliantly!

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