Giant Shoe Shaped Dog Bed Now Exist For Dogs That Love Slippers


There is a shoe-shaped bed for dogs who prefer shoes – also for anyone whose interior design screams for a huge Croc. My puppy was caught red-handed stuffing slippers into his mouth, and I know slippers are a preferred stuffed toy of many dogs out there.

Some people simply accept their comfortable slippers have a ragged, semi-eaten appearance and keep wearing them, while others bow to the regretful, cute looking puppy-dog eyes and relinquish control of the slippers to their pet.

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I came to know that dogs steal our slippers and socks because they smell alike their owners, but I’m sure there are plenty of chewed up filthy dad-slippers out there that pets didn’t want because of their smell. The enormous shoe dog bed, which is shaped like a giant croc or a slipper, will be your dog’s new favourite place to rest on the top of your real shoes.

The gigantic shoe-shaped beds are also the perfect place for your pet to curl up at night, and they’re odour-resistant with a detachable fleece lining, making them more likely to clean and far less stinky than any old dad shoes. The gigantic shoe-shaped dog bed is 31 inches long, 9 inches height and 14 inches broad, making it ideal for small to medium-sized dogs and cats.

During  the summertime, the bed will keep your dog cool, and in the wintertime, it will keep them warm. The dog beds are available on Amazon in pink, beige and yellow color, so you can choose your best to fit the giant Croc-shaped bed into your home without making it stand out enough.


Making it easy for your pet to rest in a huge shoe isn’t inexpensive, to be sure. But they’re certainly worth it, as the multicolored beds are remained out on stock at Amazon! Don’t go away if you’re the type of guy who provides your dog Christmas gifts (I’m talking at you, mom). I’m confident your dog would enjoy nothing more than relaxing in a giant Croc.

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