Coolest 8 Ft LED Inflatable Santa Claus Pull Sleigh Christmas Decoration

Inflatable Christmas Santa Dogs

Most of us have thought in the childhood that on the night of Christmas, Santa Claus would come flying in the sky, wearing a winter suit of red and white color, white fluffy beard and would please us with the Christmas gifts. And in the morning, when we wake up we would receive that present along with chocolates and colorful candies by our parents.

In these days everyone is busy decorating their houses, lawns and backyards with new style lights. Even though some people decorate their cars for this beautiful Christmas festival’s celebration then why don’t you?

You can make your front garden, backyard, lawn, party area highly attractive by decorating this unique designed 8ft LED Inflatable Christmas Eskimo two dog Pull Sleigh take Santa Claus. Not only kids will not love this inflatable, but the guests will admire it.


Inflatable Christmas Santa Dogs

The Christmas Eskimo dogs have a grayish and white color. Their eyes have a blue color rounds that make the dogs look more delightful to one’s eyes. An attractive red bow tie is around the necks of both the dogs. The bow tie is looking perfect to make them look adorable. A red color ribbon sort of strand is attached on the back of both dogs. This strand goes long way to Santa Claus’s hand as they are sleigh by him.

Inflatable Christmas Santa Dogs

Santa is wearing his traditional suit with black gloves and black shoes. It will create an interesting scene if you keep it in your garden that Santa has brought presents for you on this blissful occasion of Christmas. It has stakes and ropes to tie along, making it look like a real Santa Claus pulling the dogs.

LED lights christmas decoration

This unique inflatable Christmas two dog sleigh take Santa claus comes with a built-in fan blower that helps to blow it quickly in colossal size.  You can also deflate and flatten it by your own for easy storage. There’s also LED colored lights installed in it. That create a very beautiful effect of mixture of glowy blue and shimmery white color that make it eye-catching at the dark.

Inflatable Christmas Santa Dogs

You can blow this portable Christmas 2 dog take Santa claus by 8 feet width and 6 feet length. Thanks to built-in fan blower comes in. It’s an ideal size that can be easily adjust in even small spaces to make it more attractive.

It is made up of high quality Nylon known to be the best waterproof material. So, this incredible 8ft LED inflatable Christmas 2 dog plus Santa gift will not get wet or damaged by snowfall on the sacred event of Christmas.  It is suitable for indoor and outdoor Christmas décor. So, make your lawn into a festive scene this year.

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