Best Inflatable Lounge Pool With Built-in Chairs Is The Big Enough For Adults

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With the sun shining bright in different parts of the world, water activities have become the ultimate way of beating the heat. However, people hardly want to commute to water parks, so why not have a swim center and lounge for the entire family, right in your backyard? So get ready to have fun water activities on your lawn!

This Intex Inflatable Swim Center Family Lounge is a versatile pool, and can be used for an entire family (a small family, of course). It’s big enough for four adults or six kids at a time. The pool comes with four built-in inflatable seats, and they even have backrests; how cool, right? These seats with backrests are designed in four different corners of the mini inflatable pool.


Family lounge pool

As for the central lounge, it has ample room for adults to relax and stretch. Even more, even with stretched legs, there will be sufficient  room for kids to dive into the water and have fun. That being said, children and adults will equally enjoy this pool. With the sweltering summer days, the adults will be able to hang out, lounge, relax, and sip on refreshing summer drinks.

Plus, who doesn’t like that natural tan that you can get just by sitting in this pool? When the winter season sets in, you can just deflate the pool after draining down the water and store it for the next summer. All in all, you can create activities to do with this inflatable lounge chair swimming pool. However, one might believe that this is only a swimming pool, but it’s more than that.

swim lounge chair pool

We are saying this because this inflatable mini lounge pool is great for people who don’t have a pool in their home and desperately want one in the backyard. This unique pool is 8x8ft which makes it pretty portable for backyards. In case you are wondering about the installation, it’s extremely safe because you just have to unpack the lounge pool and use a pump for inflation.

Intex has designed this family lounge pool without compromising on cost-effectiveness. It is suitable for splashing and cooling off in summers (for kids and adults both). The most intriguing factor is that this lounge pool is safe for kids, unlike other swimming pools in the market. With this best lounge pool, the young kids and babies will have fun in the shallow water of the pool.

When inflated, this pool will have up to 20-inches of water height which is perfect for covering the waist when you sit in the pool or on the seats. This pool has the capacity to hold around 400 gallons of water, so you splash all you want.

Is Intex 12-56475NP Swim Center Family Lounge Pool Easy To Inflate?

Intex has outdone themselves with this family lounge pool. This is because the lounge chair pool has inflatable seats and can be deflated for storing the pool. As far as inflation is concerned, it has two chambers. If one chamber starts leaking, you can use the other chamber for inflating the pool rather than buying a new pool; surely considerate!

Durable Construction & Convenience

This family lounge pool is constructed with vinyl which adds to the durability. Truth be told, this pool is going to last years without losing its structure. As for convenience, we love how this pool can be folded after deflation, so you can travel with it. Also, there are two drink holders designed in the pool because who doesn’t like sipping on refreshing drinks on hot summer days?

Overall, this Intex family lounge pool is everything you need to have a fun family day or for inviting over friends for the casual meetup. This is because it’s a fun pool for kids and works as a relaxing space for adults. The adults can sit in the corners while kids enjoy pooling and splashing in the central part. The pool has shallow depth, so kids remain safe and parents remain cool!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to use the Intex pool pump all the time?

You have to run the pump for at least twelve hours a day. This will ensure that water keeps circulating in the pool.

For how long can we keep water in the inflatable pool?

We suggest that you change the water in the inflatable pool after every one weeks.

How to clean the Inflatable lounge pool?

The inflatable pool has a drain at the bottom of the pool so you can easily clean the pool anytime.

Is there any cupholder to keep the drinks or smartphone?

Yes. This inflatable lounge pool comes with 2 built-in cupholders to the wall of the pool so you can enjoy your favorite drink while enjoying in swim lounge chair pool.

What is the lifespan of Intex inflatable pool?

On average, the Intex inflatable pools will last from one year to five years, depending on the maintenance and care.

Can we leave the inflatable pool outside in winter?

We suggest you should not leave the inflatable pool outside in winters because cold temperatures can damage the pool lining. So, if the temperature drops down to five-degrees Celsius or below, just deflate the pool and store it safely.