New Apple iPhone SE (2020)- The Most Affordable & Cheapest iPhone

iPhone SE 2020

Apple released iPhone SE 2020 amongst all this madness is truly a beacon of hope. This new iPhone SE (2020) is definitely a superior version of the previous SE model. In performance it goes unchallenged in comparison the first generation of SE. As it has the fastest smartphone A13 Bionic Chip installed within thus speeding up its performance to an iPhone 11’s.

The 4.7-inch Retina HD Screen creates a convenience to carry this Apple iPhone SE 2020 more comfortably in the pocket or even in your hand. The screen is incorporated with True Tone display and aids Dolby Vision making all your visual experiences to the next level. The front has two comfortably sized bezels.


New iphone SE 2020

(Image credit: Apple)

This second generation iPhone SE (2020) is bringing good news for all those irritated by facial ID. The bottom bezel has come back with the classic home key. The home key has a built-in fingerprint sensor that supports touch ID unlike the iPhone SE first generation. As a result, you securely unlock your SE iPhone and get access to the all apps right away.

The thing that stands out most about the new budget iPhone SE is the variety of colors available. There’s a choice between black, white and red (Product). So, you can choose your favorite color that suits your personality. In addition to this, the front maintains a solid black design regardless of what color the backside is.

iphone SE (2020) colors(Image credit: Apple)

The improved chip set enhances the 12MP rear camera. Apple truly adapted their preexisting camera features to the rapid pace of this world by adding monocular depth sensing and upgrading their legendary portrait shots. Video recording has become available with audio at 4K at 60 frames per second. So, when you’ll re-watch your moments through videos, it’ll accurately recreate your experience in high definition.

Check out the New iPhone SE 2020 in action via below video:

New iphone SE2 all spec

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The front-facing camera of the best iPhone SE (2020) has effects of portrait mode at 7-megapixels and auto image stabilization just like the Apple iPhone 8’s. As a result, you can blur the background as much as you like in order to put the focus on your face while taking selfies. Thanks to portrait mode.

Not to mention that, this worth buying iPhone SE 2020 has the wireless charging feature supports wiFi 6 and dual SIMs as well. Also, it supports 18W charging speeding up the charging process to an instant 50% from a 0% in half an hour. With this new iPhone SE model, you can watch your favorite movie for up to 13 hours on a single charge. Thanks to high battery life power.

Iphone SE (2020) game

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In order to provide the wide space of iPhone users to enjoy the best iPhone; Apple has supporting iOS phones with software updates for up to 5 years. That means this new iPhone SE2 will definitely be supportive to run iOS17 which shall be available in 2024.

It’s durability to dust and water resistance is incredible. This New Apple iPhone SE 2020 can be submerged under 1 meter of water for up to half an hour and still come out. Pat dry and continue functioning.

In short, the iPhone SE 2020 second generation is everyone’s dream come true with all its fancy features and dazzling price.