Ivation EZ Bed- The Ultimate Air Mattress Inflatable Bed With 22 Unique Wings

Air mattresses come with high utility for a variety of beneficial uses. The mattresses are great in providing a comfortable sitting and sleeping place for guests, as well as, comes in handy at times of glamping. However, there are people who aren’t much comfortable sleeping close to the floor. If you are one of those people who like to sleep in heightened places, the air mattresses with frames are the right choice for you.

The frames included with air mattresses ensure that you get a comparable height with a standard bed. Also, the added height due to frames make it easy to get in and out of the bed; besides offering a similar sleeping experience as with a conventional sleeping bed.

But how to choose the finest air mattress with the frame? It may be a confusing experience to choose the right air mattress with a frame. Besides, several factors may influence the choice of bed for you including the size of the mattress, the size, storage space, your budget, and others.


Ivation EZ bed setup 1

There’s an Ivation EZ Bed, which is arguably one of the best air mattresses with frames available in the market. The Ivation EZ bed is a special air mattress with a frame that’s intelligently designed to offer maximum comfort with 48 installed interior coils while taking small storage space. The mattress can be collapsed and packed in a small space. You just need a small space to store collapsed mattresses measures only 26 x 21 x 16 inches. This means that this impressive air mattress with frames would take space just equal to the size of a big suitcase.

Some of the key features of the Ivation EZ bed includes;

  • Integrated electric pump
  • Storage case included
  • Auto deployment option (you just need to turn on the pump)
  • Huge sleeping space (queen-size)
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Unique stability system with 22 legs

Ivation EZ bed setup 2

Specialties Bind with Ivation EZ Ultimate Bed

Despite having a compact size, the Ivation EZ ultimate bed also weighs 22.2 KG, which may be considerably high. The high weight of the mattress adds to the stability and makes it highly suited to hold on to people of all sizes and weights up to 450LBs. Also, the bed may easily be inflated or deflated using electric power pumps included in the package comes with an auto shut-off option along with multiple firmness levels (firm, medium, plush).

Nonetheless, the Ivation EZ bed’s best utility is as a spare bed at home. It is an ideal seating, sleeping solution for times when you received unexpected guests or any other emergency situations. The bed can be packed into its packs, which is also included in the package, and keep it safe from dust, and dirt. The suitcase also includes wheels, thus making it easier to move the bed within the house.

In case you are looking for some outdoor adventure, the Ivation EZ bed can be transported by car. The bed can easily be stored within the camping space of your car. Since the bed can be folded into the size of a big suitcase, it shouldn’t be a matter of great concern to move around the bed. Also, the suitcase included within the package comes with wheels, making it even easier to move around anywhere you want.

Ivation EZ bed setup 3

This Unique Ivation EZ Ultimate Bed have 22 Legs

Overall, it’s a massive bed that comes with just the right design and features to ensure maximum comfort and utility for users. The most striking part about the Ivation EZ bed is undoubtedly its numerous legs. You will definitely be surprised to see 22 legs of the frames, arranged in 4 rows. All the legs are covered with plastic caps; thus you can easily move around the bed without having to worry about damage to the floor.

The numerous legs in the frame offer superior stability and comfort. It won’t be wrong to say that the level of stability offered by the Ivation EZ bed is unmatched and unparalleled by any other cot available in the market.

The intelligent design of the frame ensures that there is no damage to the floor during inflating/deflating or moving the bed. While the bed can be inflated within 4 minutes; using the electric pump that comes with the package.

In the last but not least, the bed offers superior comfort and utility for home and outdoor use. The intelligent design of the bed makes it a great choice for smaller homes. Also, the auto-deploying system with an electric pump gives users ease of use. The air pressure inside the bed can be automatically controlled using multiple firmness levels (firm, medium, plush). All in all, it’s a great investment for your home; even though it’s a bit pricey than some of the other products, it still worth the money!