Best Kotatsu Table- The Japanese Heated Table That Keeps You Warm And Cozy

kotatsu heated table

Japanese culture is undoubtedly one of the most intricate cultures in the world that revolve around minimalism. And the same minimalist lifestyle is reflected in the Kotatsu heated table (absolutely incredible household furniture and you will know why).

Japanese winters are incredibly harsh and getting through that coldness can be challenging. And like all challenges, it seems like Japanese people have a way around it too in form of heated tables. When it comes to heated tables, Kotatsu is definitely right at the top with its range of exquisite, heated tables for homes, making it a winter staple for every Japanese home.

What is a Kotatsu Table?

The Kotatsu table is actually an electrically heated table that utilizes a blanket for trapping the heat under the surface. Believe it, these tables are energy-efficient and Japanese people have been saving on electricity bills with these. These tables are life-saver during hard winters, where people can lounge for multiple purposes. Ranging from eating in the warm bed to remaining toasty during your afternoon nap, these tables will become a life-saver.

This unique table actually creates the fort, so you can lay under it or stretch your legs while sitting. Whatever you feel comfortable with. This table is the same as using in Japan but is available worldwide.

kotatsu japanese heated table

Unique Kotatsu Heated Table- Fall in Love with Winters!

To begin with, this Kotatsu table is comes with features that shall make you fall in love. First things first, the power consumption is the star of this table since even the highest setting will only consume 0.3kw electricity an hour. However, it doesn’t matter which heat setting you are using. It will warm up the area under the table and the entire blanket. When it comes down to cities like Tokyo and Japan, the electricity costs are higher as compared to other urban areas. Thus, these Kotatsu tables are great for couples or single people who want to stay warm but want to reduce the electricity costs as well.

This genius table is incredibly warm and comfortable. It’s safe to say that you will lounge under this table for hours and might even take a nap. (Who doesn’t love an accidental nap?). The Kotatsu table optimizes ultimate warmth and comfort and you will have a hard time stepping out. It’s a good trait, of course. The best thing I personally like is that you can use this Japanese heated table with your per as well.

kotatsu table

As far as the functionality is concerned, it works with a 1000W Japanese watt converter to ensure it functions optimally and warms you up. On the contrary, this table doesn’t come with the Kotatsu blanket but it’s safe to be used with any blanket. For using this table, all you need to do is install the legs and get warm and cozy. In simpler words, the assembly is not only easy but quick as well.

As compared to the electric heaters, these tables will help save $2 to $3 every single day. That’s pretty great. For people concerned about the heat, this Kotatsu table will work great with the kotatsu futon blanket because it is specially designed to trap heat under the table and blanket. However, the only futon blanket is still not mandatory because the table can warm up pretty great.

While, Futon blankets will indeed enhance efficiency but any blanket from your furry collection will do, such as the comforter or microfiber throw blanket. So, just throw it on the table and get warm. Additionally, if you only have thin blankets, this Kotatsu table will provide a warm sensation whenever you lay down in it.

kotatsu reversible table

On top of everything, we love the reversible table-top of this Kotatsu table. And yes, it is completely reversible. For instance, you aren’t going to use the table during summers and not take benefit from the heating features, so it will work great as a decorative piece. You can choose from light grey to a darker colored top and put it in the corner. Just take off the blanket and reverse the tabletop, yay!

It’s the Japanese invented heated table, so one might think that having the know-how of the Japanese language is essential. On the contrary, you don’t need Google Translation because all this table has is the switch. Just install the legs and plug in the switch for turning it on and taking it out for turning off.

With this being said, it’s evident that the Kotatsu table can be used for anyone. So gift it to your grandpa or little niece. They all will enjoy it the same. On the other hand, there is a need for a converter if you are using it anywhere else than Japan. That’s to say because this table uses the power requirements of 120W as it’s native to Japan, so other countries have different voltages.

For this purpose, you must have the step-down transformer because it’s essential for operating the Kotatsu table (safely). The experts suggest opting for the 1000W converter since it has moderate consumption. Some people use the 500W converters which are completely fine, but it might push the limits.

Japanese Kotatsu Heated Table-Designed to Perfection!

Coming down to the design and size, the design is pretty much straightforward. As for the size, it has a small size since it’s designed to cater to one person. However, it can still accommodate around three people without any discomfort. We absolutely love the small size because it makes it suitable for people with limited space.

In particular, we are the fans of assembly and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this Kotatsu table can be set up within minutes. The package comes with the tools and bolts needed for attaching the legs. Just spare five minutes of your day to assembly. Once it’s assembled, just put in the plug and you will be able to enjoy the warmth!

The bottom line is that Yamazen ESK-751 (B) Kotatsu Japanese table is designed with ease of use and effective functionality at once. Ranging from the electric-efficiency to quick assembly, it’s an absolute delight to have and we wouldn’t mind having one (you shouldn’t either!)

Checkout the Kotatsu Japanese Heated Table in action via video below:

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