This Lugabug Suitcase Turns Your Carry-On Into A Convenient Ride For Kids

lugabug travel child seat

Traveling is the best hobby one can adopt, but the same adventure may become a nightmare with kids (parents can relate for sure!). Imagine going on a trip and having to carry your kids in the lap around the airport; bummer alert! Thankfully there are child carrier travel seats.

If you have kids but don’t want to give up on adventures, going for the best convertible Lugabug travel seat and child carrier is a better choice. It’s a great product for air traveling and road trips, so you can go on whichever adventure you want without worrying about the kids.


lugabug child carrier

Lugabug Travel Seat & Child Carrier – A Great Hands-Free Way To Carry Your Kid

Designed in blackish and grey hues, it will perfectly complement your luggage (and won’t show the stains, yay!). It is basically designed for the kids with high-strength nylon fabric and the same webbing for ease and durability and they will even have fun. It has a hammock-like fit, so the kids remain comfortable and don’t get cranky.

The carrier is integrated with the secure lap strap that ensures that the kids don’t fall off. As far as the strap is concerned, it is adjustable, which makes it suitable for kids of different ages. With this product, the roller suitcase can be converted into a travel seat for babies, so they can travel with ease.

Lugabug Portable Child’s Carrier- A Must Have For Travel

Even more, the kids can easily go through the airport, which streamlines the traveling (it will be convenient, we promise!). The best thing about this Child Travel Chair is that it can be easily attached, and the installation is efficient. The availability of the adjustable strap makes it easy to be fitted on the suitcase. It can be integrated with the handle, so the attachment is firm.

This child carrier is designed to relieve the parents, which means the child will stay seated safely as the carrier connects firmly to the handle. For instance, you can easily tilt around the suitcase as you go, and the child will accompany you. The carrier only weighs 19 ounces which is something we love. This is because it won’t add up in the luggage, has easy storage, and can be folded into the seat or pocket.

As far as the weight capacity is concerned, it can handle weight up to 50lbs, so even the chubbiest baby can be seated on the suitcase. We love how this carrier can be attached to the carry-on luggage with soft sides, easy peasy! It has a collapsible design, and the compact size makes it suitable for people who don’t like chaos or excessive load during traveling.

The bag is the perfect companion for parents who are always on the go. It’s safe to say that this is an innovative travel accessory, and you will surely have a memorable trip. The carrier has a top-notch construction; it has 1200 denier nylon for durability and has 3D spacer mesh lining. Also, the angle straps, side straps, and top straps are adjustable, so they can be attached with different suitcases.

lugabug travel child seat

The Lugabug Child Travel Chair is designed with a soft seat (who can handle babies crying at the airport, right?). For optimal experience, it’s best to use the carrier with two-wheeled roller luggage as it moves around smoothly on every surface. In addition, it’s also suitable for the wheeled luggage with soft sides, such as polyester and ballistic nylon.

You can carry this child carrier everywhere by folding it up. It has a tote design that promises easy and efficient mobility. Above all, you can use it as an extra pocket or the sitting pad for the travelers themselves. It can be easily worn over the shoulder, so you can carry extra stuff without any issue. All in all, it’s a diverse and multi-functional carrier! To summarize, we couldn’t find a single downside of this carrier!

In the last but not least, this Lugabug child travel chair has really outdone itself with this carrier. Ranging from serving as the sitting pad or carrying a baby around the airport, it’s perfect for everyone. Above all, it’s durable and can be clicked with the luggage easily. So, go for it because it’s a perfect choice!