Modern Designed Dog Pens- You Need This For Your Pet

Modern Designed Dog Pen

This Modern Designed Dog Pen isn’t just for playing, it is an effective tool for potty training, and providing a secure place for your pet when you don’t want to watch them. With lots of playpens on the market, we have found just the right fit for most pet lovers.

The Clearly Loved Pets Dog Pen is particularly unique in that it is not just spacious, but it comes with a walk-through door for fast and easy access. This unique dog pen is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. If you need to cage your dog after surgery or if they are old and need to be watched all the time, this is the best dog pen for you. 

Sizes: SmallMediumLarge

Modern Designed Dog PenA pup enjoys some private time in the New Modern Design Small-Sized dog pen”.

This transparent/clear dog pen is also ideal for playful dogs that can’t settle down because it has a large interior space for them to move without getting into stuff. It is way better than a cage or crate since you don’t want to confine them, you want to give them just enough freedom to move around.

We are looking at the small-sized model that is 24W x 48L x 27H inches and weighing around 30 pounds. Its weight means it can withstand vigorous play without tumbling over.

Modern Designed Dog Pen

With the unique modern designed Dog kennels, you get a durable playpen with a construction from scratch-resistant acrylic walls and door. The walls and door are all clear offering an unobstructed view of the pet’s surroundings. You’ll like that it has an anodized aluminum frame. It is corrosion resistant meaning it can withstand anything the doggy throws at it.

Notice that this is not the typical dog pen that you want to hide away. It can be put just about anywhere even in the middle of your living room because it is aesthetically appealing. And you are not limited to the small sized dog pen because it is also available in medium and large sizes to accommodate more pets.