Burley Coho XC- The Best Mountain Bike Trailer for Outdoor

Mountain bike trailer
If you’re planning a camping trip, a hike or a bike tour, wouldn’t mountain biking be an extremely fun activity on your trip? But for a fun-packed, comfortable adventure you would want to haul camping supplies and sustainment as well. It is difficult to pack all that seems necessary without over burdening yourself. Not to mention all the bumps you will face on the dirt roads or single-track. Even if you decide to go biking during the trip. Then, wouldn’t carrying a whole bike with you be just a waste of precious space?
The Burley Coho XC Mountain Bike Trailer is the perfect answer to that dilemma. It provides ample storage capacity and offers a smooth, hassle free ride. You can pack away abundant supplies and gadgets for the trip with other bulky, space-consuming items into the trailer.


burley coho xc trailer
Burley has designed a versatile single wheel trailer. The Coho XC model for bike-packing that can easily cradle the luggage while on the go. It offers an extensive choice of customizable features for various terrain and touring styles.


Apart from bike-packing, the Coho XC mountain bike trailer is also useful around for households. As it fits almost on all rear end widths from 126mm to 197mm (fat bikes) wide hub thru axle instead of seat post. You have a choice of kid seat to attach by the side of bike and roam around the town with your kid or even with your pet comfortably.

burley coho trailer

The combination of one wheel competency, larger cargo bay measures 24 x 15 x 11.5 inches that boasts 70lb max payload or 70 liters in volume, coil rear shock and offers a fat wide rear tire 16 x 3.0” choice for soft and sandy terrain makes this an extremely versatile mountain bike cargo trailer. Also, it comes with a stretchy cargo net. You can stretch the capacity of the Coho trailer, which is truly handy for grocery run and letting you pack in more without having to use an extra bag.

mountain bike trailer


Attaching the trailer to the bike generally requires an extra hand. But the Burley Coho XC bike trailer comes with a superb one handed hitching and unhitching design. And, doesn’t require any tool to assemble. With the help of provided two quick release pins that insert into the given skewer, the trailer will fasten to your bike and get ready to go.
Once you connect the hitch clips through axle or skewer for your whip, the trailer and the bike go smoothly without too much drama. And, you can quickly remove the Coho trailer from your bike’s rear axle. Thanks to the quick release skewers feature.


mountain bike trailer
In addition to being easy to set up, this Coho XC mountain bike trailer have an uncommon feature of built-in double leg stand. This allows the trailer to stand on its own once detached from your bike. And free to use a unique one handed hitching / unhitching system.
Instead of one-handing hitching, it stands on its own, enormous storage capacity, immense tracking at the rear wheel, and adjustable coil spring suspension works like a camp. It keeps the trailer wheel planted while on the go even on rough and choppy paths.
mountain bike trailer
The burley Coho XC trailers come with a military camp feature.  You can add 16+ inches fatter tire offering you more roll over that won’t plunge into soft dirt roads. The Coho XC is only the trailer that makes your bike based gear towing dreams true. Also gets you multi-days overnight camping mountain bike adventure.
Check out the Burley Coho XC Mountain Bike Trailer in action via video below:

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