Best Canon Speedlite Flashgun You Actually Need

Best Canon Speedlite

When Canon proudly announced their new flashgun, Speedlite 470EX-AI, no one really anticipated how much we’d love it. Costing more than any other beginner or DSLR camera and equipped with an innovative AI Bounce (AI. B) function, it’s now easier to take pro-grade photos without being a pro yourself. The Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI is a flash head designed with creativity and perfection in mind.

While flash photography is sophisticated and sometimes complicated for the beginner, the flashgun bounces light off the ceiling to increase the size of the light source and in turn, give you a natural, flattering glow.



canon Perfect camera for photography

You only have to enable the AI. B mode, press the AI. B button on the flash or a pre-assigned button on the camera and the motorized flash head goes to work. It first acquires the distance to your subject by firing straight up and then fires to the ceiling to get the distance to the ceiling and then it finally pivots forward or backward depending on the angle it has measured.

Check Out the New Best Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI in action via below video:

canon Perfect camera for photography

The flash head makes it easy to capture large groups since it has a guide number of 47m. It can bounce light from ceilings and walls to give the natural look you so desire. This canon speedlite comes with automatic and semi-automatic modes which you change using the small switch at the back of the camera.

The full mode is what we have discussed where the conditions are perfect, and it only has to fire twice. Once to the subject and the ceiling to get the bounce angle right.

But if you are dealing with a high ceiling or a reflective surface, you can point the flash head manually to the direction you want and hit the Angle Set button. The flashgun will put that angle into memory for when you take the photo.

This canon speedlite camera also gives you landscape and portrait modes by double light-pressing of the camera’s shutter button twice. It’s all about powerful, flexible, and detailed photos for just about any situation. You will get a bright detailed display, zoom function to bounce light further and wider, and initiative buttons for a delightful time.

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