This Picture Hanging Tool Lets You Perfectly Hang Pictures In Seconds

hangman easy picture hanging tool

Just imagine the number of techniques and tools available for hanging pictures to the wall; it’s needless to say that there are hundreds of ways, but still, it’s a daunting task to go through with. Believe it or not, the right marking and measuring can have multiple errors. Truth be told, we all have hung the painting or pictures to an existing nail just so we didn’t have to insert a nail in the new position. That being said, the Hangman push picture hanging tool has become the ultimate savior for everyone fond of DIY crafts or for people who happen to drive nails frequently!

This green little (okay, maybe not so little) tool with its perfect plastic body has become an ultimate revelation. It will change the way how you hang pictures and frames (anywhere you want, without settling for skewed or existing nails!). This tool is designed to mark the exact place where the nail will be pushed in, and you won’t need to run for pencils or pens.

Check It Out

smart measuring picture hanging tool

It is designed with rubber cushions on the back, so your fancy wallpaper or pain isn’t scratched or damaged. With the built-in metal pin marks, you won’t have to struggle with the mistaken holes. The most intriguing feature of the Hangman push picture hanging tool is the double-hook and single-hook systems that can work with the majority of hardware.

This means that it can work with sawtooth hooks, wire, keyholes, and D-ring. With the built-in levels, the measurements will be straight (yes, you don’t have to scramble anymore just to find the right level). We are certain that this easy picture hanging system will take away the procrastination and stress of hanging pictures and frames to the wall.

This is a top-notch tool that allows the users to inserts two nails into the wall at once. It can easily install the nails at the correct position and angle. Even more, it will install the nail at the right depth, so frames are securely placed. With the triangle, D-rings, fixtures, or sawtooth at the back of the picture, it will be aligned accurately.

This unique hang it perfect tool is designed with a 50-standard number-17 nails configuration, so finding the right nails won’t be an issue. These nails can be easily bought from hardware stores. With the magnetic holders, the nails will be pushed in the right place. Even more, it eliminates the chances of dropped and lost nails, so you can easily install the nails.

hangman picture hanging tool

Convenient Design Of Perfect Picture Hanging Tool

What we love about the Hangman push picture hanging tool is that it has a convenient design. It also has an easy and straightforward mechanism. To illustrate, you just have to slip the nails in the tool and use the punch-like motion for driving in the nail. Yes, it’s this simple! For the most part, it will only need a few seconds to drive in the pictures. Also, there is no need for additional tools.

The best thing about this genius hang it perfect picture hanging tool is that it doesn’t need any hammer or measuring guesswork. To use this perfect picture hanging tool, you simply have to load the brads into the tool, straighten the tool (it has a built-in level), and push the tool for inserting nails into the wall. The tool enables the perfect installation of nails while ensuring precise depth and angle.

hangman picture tool design

The hangman push picture hanging tool is constructed with a combination of anodized aluminum and plastic, which speaks volumes about the durability. With proper handling and maintenance, it is going to last years. On top of everything, the tool only weighs 0.58lbs which makes it incredibly easy to handle; what more could you ask for?


The Hangman push picture hanging tool is designed to hold up to 10lbs of weight which is pretty sufficient for the pictures and frames. The package comes with different tools for the performance and effectiveness of the hanging tool. For instance, it includes two dispenser handles, attached level, leveling bar, level art tool, and a few 50 standard number-17 nails.

There was a time when driving and pushing nails into the wall was the most cumbersome task. However, with this tool, your life will change, especially if you happen to hang too many pictures or frames. This tool is an ultimate combination of durability and performance, hence the value for money and accurate outcomes!

easy hangman picture tool

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it easy to use the hangman push picture hanging tool?

Yes, using this tool is extremely easy because you can use the magnetized nails for slipping inside the nails, align the tool with the wall, and push the handle for driving nails into the wall.

Which are the right hooks for hanging the frames and pictures?

For hanging the pictures and frames, you can use ook hooks. These hooks are available in different sizes and are suitable for hanging huge-sized mirrors and arts.

What can be used for hanging heavy pictures?

If the picture weighs from five pounds to twenty pounds, you can use plastic drywall anchors. On the contrary, if pictures weigh from twenty pounds to fifty pounds, wall studs can be used.

Can push pins be used for hanging pictures?

Yes, push pins can be used for hanging the pictures. However, they are only suitable for lightweight and small pictures.

What is the weight capacity of the pushpin?

The push pins can be used to hold up to two pounds. In the case of solid wood, a push pin can be used for holding up to four pounds.