The Frog- This Genius Training Device Gives You Full Body Exercise

Frog Home Gym

Be it the viral 7-days fitness challenges or the Instagram healthy lifestyle trends, people have started to realize the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. For the same reason, people have also started investing in gym equipment. The Frog has become a promising gym equipment brand with high-end weight resistance products.

The Frog’s latest products are designed to offer modern solutions and a gym-like exercise experience to home users. As the name suggests, the equipment is famous among users for its frog-like movements. However, technically it’s one of the most complete and robust exercise equipment that delivers a complete package for a full-body workout including weight loss; how cool, right? While it’s an expensive equipment for the liking of most people. However, it definitely provides the ultimate value for money.


frog exerciser

How This Genius Full Body Exercise Equipment Works? 

To begin with, The Frog is designed to deliver a versatile exercise experience. You can stay healthy and lose weight. The Frog is integrated equipment that offers resistance training and high-intensity interval training sessions for users. Generally, it’s termed as HIIT that empowers users to gain optimum results out of the workouts. You can use The Frog horizontally and vertically. You don’t need to worry about the directions.

For everyone who has a home gym, The Frog is must-have equipment which won’t even take up much space. As far as the exercises are concerned, consider yourself doing frog jumps (are you reminiscing school races, as well?). This gym equipment delivers exercise for different muscles on the body, along with the legs, of course!


What Specialties Comes With The Frog Full Body Exerciser?

There are four wheels in this equipment that are integrated into the resistance bands. With this machine, you can stretch and push to train and work out different body muscles. Secondly, you can lie down on The Frog, stretch, and pull the bands.  (Yes, just like the military press-ups!). The complete body resistance will ensure that all major muscles of the body are trained.

The Frog is integrated with the front and rear axle foam pad for the ultimate comfort of the users. In addition, there are two vertical stabilizer bars and foot pads for providing a comfortable and stable exercise experience. As far as the exercises are concerned, The Frog can be used for superman’s, core killers, mojos, and leapers.

All of these different exercises help tone and training different parts of the body. Above all, users can also do upper body and lower body workouts, along with triceps extensions and curls. The most unique fact is that, The Frog can be used for cardio and resistance training at a time. It has multiple resistance bands, so beginners and pros can use it with equal efficiency.

full body fitness

With The Frog, one can attach around three-band on either side for adding the intensity. Sliding away from the review, you can easily tone your body within a few weeks with different resistance levels. The resistance bands include 2x 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 40 pounds, and 60 pounds bands. By adding the three last bands, the resistance will get increase up to 240 pounds.

Coming down to the price, The Frog may cost comparatively higher than some of the other similar products. However, the quality of the product is definitely worth paying for. A bonus tip, you should invest in the vertical stabilizer bands, band sets, and blocks.

As for the pros of The Frog, there is so much to love. For instance, the exercise experience is extremely versatile since it helps to do full body workouts everyday. Besides, the stabilizer bar helps deliver a stable workout experience while the foam promises comfort. Above all, the transport wheels promise easy mobility, and the size is compact enough to fit your tiny home gym.

full body workouts


If you are looking for one machine that helps you achieve full-body fitness goals, it’s a great investment to make. All in all, there are no compromises on durability, performance, and effectiveness.

Honestly, there are few gym equipment that can combine resistance-based training with HIIT. The Frog is one of its kind since it combines HIIT with resistance training. If you have the bucks, it’s perfect gym equipment for toning your body!

Checkout The Frog Full Body Exercise in action via video below: