Theragun: This Massage Gun Will Relax You Up After A Workout

Theragun massager

Working out at home is the new norm, and you might think you have all the workout equipment you need. Ranging from yoga mat to dumbbells and resistance bands, you might have all the workout gear you need but wait till you see the Theragun Portable Massager. Believe it or not, your workout experience will be spruced up with these intimidating massage guns (everyone loves a bit of relaxation after the burning workout, right?).

Theragun Prime – All-New 4th Generate Massage Gun is the handheld percussive therapy device that’s designed to relax you up after a workout. Heck, it also alleviates the pain and improves the motion range. It also helps with post workout muscle recovery.

This percussive massage gun is the masterpiece of Therabody and has stepped into the percussive massage industry. With the Theragun Prime massage gun, the company has become a leading player in the industry, by leveling up its game with a product that is packed with tons of features and specs.

percussive massage gunSpecialties Comes With Theragun Massage Gun

Theragun Prime comes with five speeds and has cell-foam attachments with dense configuration. There are different speeds and density configurations for massaging different muscles of the body. It can be integrated with the Therabody app for easy monitoring and control. The motor is designed to penetrate the muscle fibers beneath the skin (up to 16mm, to be specific).

This muscle fiber penetration can reach up to 2400PPM. As far as the speed is concerned, the minimum is 1750PPM and is incredibly fast. It has a triangular design with an ergonomic handle. The handle stays sturdy in hand and promises ultimate grip. Ranging from third-party app integration to LED settings indicators and two-hour battery life, this massage gun is an ultimate steal.

Truth be told, there is so much to love about this massage gun. Everyone who has tried this best  massage gun is blown away by what it has to offer. To begin with, Theragun Prime tends to be 70% silent as compared to other models (no, your brain won’t rattle with the noise anymore). The massage gun is convenient to use, and you can even use it on the shoulders and neck.

There are five-speed settings in the gun, and the speed ranges up to 2400PPM and can get extremely powerful. So you can receive gentle or intense massage, whatever your body needs. The first three speeds of Theragun Prime are suitable for sore muscles, but it’s not sufficient for the intensely sore muscles. In case of moderate sore muscles, the foam roller will come in handy.

Massage Gun Attachment Guide

Theragun handheld massager is integrated with multiple attachments, such as large and small ball attachments, along with cone, dampener, ball, and thumb attachment which impacts different muscles.

The best thing about these attachments is a dampener as it’s suitable for sensitive muscle areas, such as hips and neck. Also, the cone is perfect for triggering points, such as the feet’ arches and back. On top of everything, Theragun Prime portable massager can be integrated with third-party apps. For instance, you can connect this gun with the Therabody app and access the data.

With the Therabody app, the users can not only create the massage or recovery routines but keep track of usage time and frequency. Even more, the app can make recommendations according to Theragun Prime’s usage and app usage. To summarize, it’s an apt device with multiple attachments, diverse speeds, and third-party integrations.

The Bottom Line 

If we consider the price point, this massage gun has a lot to offer and is perfect for professionals as well. Theragun portable massager is suitable for people who work out three or more times a week. In particular, if you take part in heavy weightlifting, intense workouts, and endurance training, this massage gun is an amazing option and will improve the workout routine through quicker recovery.

Theragun Prime is suitable for reducing the soreness of muscles while helping improve mobility. However, you might feel a dip in ergonomic if you don’t have long arms (it’s really the truth). The final verdict is that Theragun Prime promises a high-end experience at an affordable price.


Is the Theragun Percussive Massage Gun worth it?

Yes, Theragun Prime Massager is worthy of your money and will provide value. Theragun Prime has third-party integration and helps fix sore muscles.

Can Theragun Prime Portable Massager lead to damages?

No, Theragun Prime doesn’t damage the muscles. It can helps with muscle recovery, so just use the suitable speed and frequency, and you’ve nothing to worry about.

Is Theragun Prime Massager affordable?

Yes, Theragun Prime is affordable. This is because it has high-tech and modern features and promises the complete value of your money.

Is it possible to overdo Theragun Prime?

Theragun Prime is perfect to release tension, improve the nervous system, and release blood flow. To illustrate, it lubricates with body muscles with oxygen and blood. However, you cannot use it for too long (ten to fifteen minutes is more than enough).