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There might be a time when fitness was a choice but today, it’s a compulsion. That’s because people are struggling with multiple health issues and the majority of them can be prevented only by following an active and healthy lifestyle. Well, that’s the same reason people buy dumbbells and recumbent bikes, however, won’t it be better if you have access to a complete gym at hand. That being said, if you are looking for one, the Total Gym XL setup is the ultimate choice!

To begin with, this is a full-body workout machine that can strengthen the body and reshape it according to your preferences. It can be used for executing workout activities. It’s safe to say that this home gym is a compact setup and can deliver up to eighty different exercises for optimizing the training experience.

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Total Gym XLS Home Gym Review

What’s best about this home gym is that it can work up different muscle groups rather than focusing only on one muscle, hence higher training productivity. With regular use of Total Gym XLS Home Gym, the users can achieve full-body conditioning and is equally great for athletes and beginner exercisers. As for the design, it’s sturdy and comfortable.

It’s designed to handle up to 400lbs of weight, comes with top-notch functionality and an amazing product design. So, let’s quickly break down all the features and benefits!


Total Gym XLS Home Gym has a construction standard that’s hard to beat and you can tell it just by looking at it. The home gym is constructed with extremely sturdy 1¼” x 2” steel tubing. The upper rails of the machine are chrome-plated while the lower rails have been powder-coated to ensure the highest standards of durability and look good in the room (we all want aesthetics, right?)

There are 1k/lbs. vinyl-coated cables which last a lifetime. In addition, it has a 16” x 47” glide board with padding. It has high-density foam padding with a 1.5” measurement while there is head support for higher comfort levels. This sturdy construction can take up to 400 lbs. of weight. All in all, it comes with a lifetime warranty and moving parts have a two-year warranty.

Exercising Options

Were you thrilled when we said that it can support up to 80 different free workouts? We were too, so why don’t we dive in deeper? The machine was marketed to offer 80 workouts and it offers multiple resources as well. For instance, Total Gym XL Home Gym comes with four DVDs, a meal plan, three training programs for advanced, intermediate, and beginner users, along with a nutrition program.

In addition, the users can purchase the Total Gym XL accessories, such as leg pulley attachment, training deck, wing attachment, and an advanced squat stand. There is an AbCrunch attachment that adds up to ten exercises for strengthening the core muscles (this attachment has to be bought separately). However, this attachment can target the abdominal muscles without any discomfort with crunches and sit-ups.

Total Gym XLS Home Gyms can easily replace the regular workouts, such as cardio, squats, ab crunch, and leg pulls. Also, with the help of free exercise plans and DVDs, the users can customize the workouts.


The Pulley System

It’s evident that this machine comes with a glide board and a pulley system. With the 1k/lbs. vinyl-coated cables attached to the pulley system, the workouts will be smooth. In addition, there are interchangeable attachments, such as ankle holders and strap handles for a tighter yet comfortable grip. These attachments are made from nylon and have soft synthetic rubber padding as a coating.

Comfort & Support

With the head support and glide board, there is improved padding which is enough to support people up to 400 lbs. without causing stability issues. It has a 1.5-inches high-density foam padding with non-tear covering for your comfort. However, what’s more, important is that this wider and thicker padding at the glide board’s end can comfort the lower back, head, and neck.

Easy Utilization

This might be the biggest plus point of Total Gym XLS Home Gym; the machine is extremely easy to assemble and store. Generally, the various best home gym machines are hard to assemble but this home gym can be assembled easily. This is because the home gym has smart design and construction that demands minimal assembling efforts.


In case you have some spare money, we suggest that you invest in additional attachments and connect them to the primary frame with brackets and hitch pins. These attachments can help you personalize the workouts according to your preferences and fitness goals. In addition, the manual comes with extremely detailed illustrations for connecting the extra attachment.



Easier Mobility & Storage – How to fold a Total Gym?

Just like easy and minimal storage, Total Gym XLS Home Gym can be quickly folded and stored away. The setup weighs around 90 lbs. while the glide board weighs approximately 22 lbs. That being said, you can secure and lift the glide board with a lock pin. In addition, there are wheels for easier mobility but it might be a bit difficult if you’ve thicker carpets. Collectively, it’s pretty easy to move and store.

Additional Features

•  There are six different resistance levels, ranging from 6-degrees to 26-degrees.

•  The rollers can fold on base and rails can fold into the ladder for easier storage and can be pushed under the bed.

•  There are precision ball bearings with sealed configuration for stability.

Pros of Total Gym XLS Home Gym

•  Versatile home gym suitable for low-impact workouts and is perfect for homes

•  Easier storage

•  Minimal assembling requirement

•  Adjustable resistance levels

•  Multiple free exercises options

•  Supports different attachments

•  Multiple workout programs and DVDs are available for building good mass and losing weight

•  Lifetime warranty for the main body

•  Suitable for body toning and losing weight

Cons of Total Gym XLS Home Gym

•  Expensive

•  People heighted over 6’2” cannot use this home gym

•  Not suitable for extreme strength and bodybuilding training

The Final Words

This is the ultimate workout machine for your home gym that comes with multiple workout programs. It’s a good option for people who want to improve fitness levels and low-impact workouts. To summarize, this is a solid-constructed and excellent home gym and is integrated with high-quality components for smooth and comfortable workouts. So, hit on some Total Gym workouts on YouTube and achieve your fitness goals!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Chuck Norris really use the Total Gym?

Yes, he has been focused on martial arts for more than fifty years and he has been using Total Gym for around forty years now.

Does the Total Gym help you lose weight?

Yes, Total Gym can help lose weight through low-impact workouts. In addition to losing weight, it’s suitable for toning the muscles.

Are squats on the Total Gym effective?

Yes, they are completely effective as long as you ditch the barbell and free-standing squats. Also, there is a special Total Gym squat stand available for making your squats effective.

What accessories come with Total Gym XLS?

It comes with the wing attachment, exercise wall chart, ribbed squat stand, ankle cuffs, and leg pull attachment.

Which is better: Gr8flex Vs Total Gym?

If we look at the price factor, Gr8flex is a better choice because it has an economical price tag as compared to Total Gym. However, the features and workout options are much in the Total Gym machine!

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