TopperEZLift Truck Topper: Turn Your Truck into a Camper

topper lift truck into camper

There are numerous benefits to a truck cap. From increased security, improved space, fuel efficiency and even as a means to show your style. But it doesn’t have to be attached to the truck’s body at all times. With this TopperEZLift truck lift system, you can turn your truck into a camper for life on the go and get more space to fit larger stuff.

TopperEZLift is a super-innovative system that extends the capacity of your truck cap. Designed for medium and full-size pickup trucks, this topper lift gives your truck versatile performance when hauling stuff.

The TopperEZLift camper is perhaps the most efficient since it installs fast and raises the truck cap in a snap. All you need to do is push a button, and the electric actuators will lift the topper up to 17.5 inches high. Combined with camping accessories, it offers lots of headroom when seated up.

Put your worries about hydraulic and air systems. This system is powered from your truck’s 12V power socket. It boasts a durable design with a lift capacity of 900 pounds.

You get to use it with different truck toppers from fiberglass to heavy steel caps that need exceptional care to prevent the lift from giving and crashing down.

You will like that it comes with an easy to use control box. It has a safety switch that helps you select up or down depending on where you want the truck cap positioned. Not to mention, it does not need re-installation each time. It’s going to seal in on the truck bed.

You never have to struggle to get stuff in and out of the truck bed. And when used with a camper, you can bring a bed and even change clothes way easier in the camper than you could without the TopperEZLift Truck Camper.

Checkout the TopperEZLift Truck Topper in action via below video:

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