This All-In-One Dog Feeding Station Holds Everything You’ll Need For Your Dog

ultimate dog feed

If your dog feeding spot is similar to mine, it’s the dirtiest spot of the house, with crumbs, puddles, and spilled dog food all over the place. This ultimate fully featured dog feeding station will assist organize your dog feeding space while also keeping it tidy. Everything you’ll have to feed your dog is in one place, and everything closes, so when your dog isn’t eating, it can look like a piece of cabinetry.

There is a big drawer in the center of the dog feeding station that can keep all of your dog’s meal. Simply pour your food from the bag and scoop it out as required. Also it has another drawer at the beneath where the dog bowls are located. You may pull out the dog bowls as desired and keep the space clean when they’re not eating by closing the drawer.

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dog feeder


Above the massive dog food drawer are a couple of shelves for storing dog treats, additional dog toys, or other dog items that you frequently need to use during the day. There are pegs on the cabinet’s side where you can hold dog collars and leashes as well.

The dog feeder station is available in white or espresso colors and has a food storage space that stores 10 pounds of dog food. It also comes with detachable stainless steel food bowls, and is delivered completely assembled.

dog feeder

The dog feeding station measures 31.5 inches tall, 23.62 inches wide, 13.78 inches deep, and weighs approximately 32 lbs!

The inner top shelf of the ultimate dog feeding station measures 6 inches tall, 22 inches wide, and 13.5 inches depth!

The dimensions of the unique dog food station’s food storage area are as follows: 16″H X 20″W, Top: 12″, Base: 7″.

dog feeding

The drawer on the pet feeding station extends 9 inches from the bottom and can accommodate two 2-quart bowls!  

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